Show Poem: Let’s get wet… June 28 / Beacon, NY /River Fest #SchwervonPoetry


Wolf calls and birdsong
Water lapping and grass bristling
In the wind
Rain drops tap tap taping
Insects chirp and call
These are the songs I whish to cover

It is important sometimes
To feel the water
Between our bones
To celebrate the great river spirit

Just open your mouth
Let her fluids inside
Embrace the
Hydration in take

You are here to day
Drink that in
Let it drip down you chin
And make a big wet spot on
Your pants
Wear that wet spot with pride

Water is where we come from
Let’s get wet
Let’s get born again
In each other’s
Wetness is the best
Swim in it
Drink it in
Let’s get wet
Let’s get wet.

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Show Poem: Let’s see how it feels To feel good for a while… June 27 / Brooklyn, NY /Shea Stadium #SchwervonPoetry

The nightmare comes after the dream
And then the dream returns

Hop on hop off
No amount of rain
Can wash away this filth
The filth of millions of friends
And millions of dogs of friends
And tens of millions of dogs of friends shits

Bathing at the bottom of the well
A single orange balloon
Tied to my wrist

Tight rope walker
Stretching across the sky
Home is where you hang

A beautiful black bird
Feasts upon something dead
By the side of the road

Coming up for air
Your ad here
Let’s ride this rainbow
Into a positive millennium
Breakup sex marriage

Let’s see how it feels
To feel good for a while
Let’s feel more
More than a feeling
There is no divot replacing
There are moles in one
There are no holes
no right time weong time
There is only somewhere else
And that’s not…

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Show Poem: Eat this and never die… June 25 / Buffalo, NY /Sugar City #SchwervonPoetry


Audience of zombie teachers
Prison closet sex club
Fueld by an over active bladder
And pocketed coil technology

Eat this and never die
I finally found the right snack
Brain rolls covered in icing

Lost baggage shows up
In a different time zone

Rain clouds on a silver Buffalo
A gauntlet of trees
Passing on the left
The organ grinder tips his hat
And smiles

Fighting dirty in the car

The cows are gathered
In their masses
Upon green pastured
Midnight masses

Sorry brings the hurt
Sorry brings the hammer down
Nobody sees it like you
And I know that’s
Extremely frustrating
Like a bird who only knows
It’s own song

We must learn to use the black Light
to excavate the crime scene
We must sing inside the fishbowl
to Create song bubbles

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Show Poem: It’s hard when you hear everything… June 24 / Kent, OH /Stone Tavern #SchwervonPoetry


It’s hard when you
hear everything
It’s hard to know
where the fountain
Water goes

Dead child area
Feeding the lake
A tree falls in the woods
A random smoking hole
How to stay asleep all night

It’s hard to remember that
Life ain’t nothing
But a funny funny riddle

Worshiping at the
Church of the 16 vaginas
Home of the 10 dollar lap dance
Free chips and sangria

A stones throw from your heart

Flags on a car
Pizza underground
Gas is cheap here
Gas is cheap here
Gas is cheap here

Real fruit shakes
Ripe for the sippin
River of love
Burning witch nipples
Watching the ripples spreading
A natural current
A current of jelly
A vegetable jam

Beautiful birds and ugly songs.
Gas tank vinyl burns
Brian James Town Hash Tag Slur
Ugly birds and beautiful sings

I’ll talk to you lampshade
I’ll what makes you tick

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Show Poem: I praise the human inventions… June 23 / Detroit, MI / Pj’s Lager House #SchwervonPoetry


I learned to love myself
At a very early age
And this has made
All the difference

I do fear the day
When we are all thumbs
But I also try to learn
The language of the
Feet and mouths

Goodbye blue Monday
Hello red Tuesday
The rest of the week
Is a rainbow sucker
Spinning around God’s
What color will she land on?
I don’t know

All that I see is the green grass
Waving in the yard
A distant dogs bark
A loose rattle if dishes

I have friends making love
Half way around the world
I see paintings of their faces
in every cloud that blows by

I praise the human inventions
That allow me to appreciate
All the non human inventions

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Show Poem: Death by couch… June 22 / Lansing, MI / GTG House #SchwervonPoetry


Death by couch
Bathtub marmalade
Dough eyed morning after pill
The coffe guy is very talkative today

Zucchini bread circus
I have always found comfort
Amongst those playing a role

The cool new thing to do
Taking thunder from a baby
Stripping for the nerds
High definition humping
On a bed of fresh greens

Tornado alley
Exploding produce
Rice pudding and face soap

It’s the Hungar
That makes the snake
Taste so good.

Mud helps the orgasam
No one understands the blood
National guard
Exta cash on the weekends

I never even notice the flag.
Perhaps it’s time to take it down.

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Show Poem: Asphalt smorgasbord… June 21 / Kalamazoo, MI / Louie’s Trophy House #SchwervonPoetry


The terrain affects the creatures
That roam upon it

The vegetation is wide and succulent
Asphalt smorgasbord
Meat scraps littler the highway
Baking in the sun
God provides for the thrifty

Car talk and Gatorade
Pretzels and almonds
Three thousand miles
Of crumbs and stains

Bearded smokey Mud trucks
Long Long Island trailers
Rusty guard rails
Steel dinosaurs with their
Heads stuck in the sand
DeathStar rays penetrate our souls
And We feel nothing
As long as we have plenty of bars

Flower print purses
Stuffed with cash
Pushing buttons
And shaking hands

We bathe in the golden sunlight
Swallow golden dishwater
Heads on the doors
Heads on the walls
Heads in our hands
Hands shaking
Holding flowers
Inspiring pretty prints
For purses.

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Show Poem: Porch times… June 20 / Champaign, IL / Mike ‘n Molly’s #SchwervonPoetry


Waking up with the perfect
Balance of pain

We stretch our fruit roll up skin
In place
Peal back our gummie bear eyes
And gaze upon the grazers

Writing movies about movies
Blinding children to the facts
Little rubber dolls on the dashboard
Pointing the way

Pretzel crumbs in my superman
American flag adult diapers
Flowers flowers everywhere
Bobble heads rule world

Breathing trees all around us
Burgers on the grill
Avocado prostate

Making friends
Porch times
No one can take away

No one takes away the first time
Unless you want it taken away
Then let it go
Make up a new story
No one cares that much

Water on a on warm
brick road after the rain
Laughter with people
You just met
These things matter much more.

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Show Poem: Learn to shake the lion’s paw… June 19 / St. Louis, MO/ Foam #SchwervonPoetry


Drinking from green bottles
We water the courage
To sleep through another night

Bloated white whale
Building our monument to relaxation

Painted clouds
On a Flash Gordon sky
Living the dream
On a bad green screen

Savior of the univers
Grass stains in my underwear
Tree sap on your bra

Buying gold and selling guns
Adult superstore
Super adult stores

Rocks and arrows
Elephant knuckles
Scrape along the highway
Crapping out to backing tracks

We look just like our parents
You can see it in the eyes
Soothing and dead
Stretched tight
Like an animal skin
Across a lion’s paw

We must learn to shake the lions paw
Learn to shake the lions paw
We must learn to hold it over our lover
In the moonlight

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Show Poem: We dangle over bulldozers… June 13 / Iowa City, IA / The Mill #SchwervonPoetry


UntitledTwo hobos on a bench
Sleeping duck on the pier
Trash cans litter the horizon
This park was made for business
Owners and owers

The threat of hockey
Passing on the right
Percolating the portals
The era of the superhero
Rapidly coming to a close

Thank you Iowa
For your highways
Smooth as glass

Smooth smooth graveled ass
We could have something together
If I can manage to avoid
Your devil dog road signs

Forgotten neck pillows
Spilled hot chocolate

What were all the words
Trying to say
Did they remember to clock in?
Is the investment worth the return?

We dangle over bulldozers
Look down upon our noses

Each concrete step
Evolves a new muscle
To elevate the day’s work.

The days sacrifice
The day’s rhubarb pie a la mode.

The only other people
In the room are laughing
Not at me
But it feels like it.

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