Show Poem: Learn to shake the lion’s paw… June 19 / St. Louis, MO/ Foam #SchwervonPoetry


Drinking from green bottles
We water the courage
To sleep through another night

Bloated white whale
Building our monument to relaxation

Painted clouds
On a Flash Gordon sky
Living the dream
On a bad green screen

Savior of the univers
Grass stains in my underwear
Tree sap on your bra

Buying gold and selling guns
Adult superstore
Super adult stores

Rocks and arrows
Elephant knuckles
Scrape along the highway
Crapping out to backing tracks

We look just like our parents
You can see it in the eyes
Soothing and dead
Stretched tight
Like an animal skin
Across a lion’s paw

We must learn to shake the lions paw
Learn to shake the lions paw
We must learn to hold it over our lover
In the moonlight

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