Cincinnati, OH @ Woodward Theater 05/05/18 #poetry


fullsizeoutput_84d photo by John Smallwood

Cigarette butts and apple sauce.
There’s aliens in our midst
Self indulgent birthday guitar solos
Lavender oil on bearded clams
Green lights that turn green
And then green
And then back to green again.

You made a sound
Like a little baby,
When you were a little baby

I wore my funeral dress to the wedding
You put your credit card
Where your mouth is
Lisa 4517

Say you say me
I hear you crying out
Behind a wall of doubt
And who will pay for the wall

Too poor to take the pill
I’ll leave you in my will
Then foot you with the bill
Atta boy!
Add a bake potato for just
Three bucks!

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Fire men

Excuse me, sir?
You left something
Right there on the bench
Next to me.

Marks on the launch pad.
How many suffer
For a flower to grow?

“We burn them to ashes
And then we burn the ashes.”

We learn so much from fire.
Everything burns the same
Beautiful and bright.
Everyone in the room knows
When it’s on.

A million tiny tongues
All going at once.
Do they taste anything?

“If I could lick my own balls
I might never date again.”

Fire changes things
With one quick click flicker

The gaze of a father
Turns the skin to Silly Puddy.
We forge weapons
During commercials
Hack away
At the hanging bags of Jello.

The fire is in us.
We feel entitled to write books
To burn.


Day after day
The sad beauty.
Watching the little girl
Ooze out of you

I need to decided which one I like.
No I don’t.

Work poem

Every day every look every word.
Every moment wasted
Tanks filled, sitting.
Beautiful works of art collecting
Dust in warehouses.
Transfers of power.
Not even ink on paper
Fleeting bursts of energy
Obligitorily touched
By expendable employees


The dream informs the nightmare
Every abuse is a snowflake
Sometimes we lie
When we tell the truth
What if the Morning Pages
Are the poem?


These old feelings
Like books
And grand sailing ships,
Clear windows of glass
To new worlds,
Now something different,
Chains around the neck
Running through sand
Disguising the path
Inspire by the masochism
To totally different worlds
All good

I awake

Escaping a nightmare
Moments before a
Collision with a
Telephone pole

I see a cat collide
With a moving car
Not mine
It writhes in the street
A boy and his father turn
I am fully awake
I drive by

Deep State

Early buds
En route en route

Working with greatness
Requires great patience
Your bones must be hollow to fly
Something bigger than all of this
Like hunting the rarest of all things
Willing to take our lashes
Bunker down in wet socks
Peek through the cracks
Cup our fingers over our mouths
And blow on them for warmth
We hear breathing

Padded mallots bring us closer
To the truth than our original protocal

Something deeper
Than the mutual deceptions
The body rises and falls
with the breath.
We are the breath
The easy speakers
We translate the barks and the chirps
The undersides of leaves

KC, MO @ The Brick 10/20/17

And some mornings
I just want to
Blend into the leaves

All theses sores
My natural bark

A tree trunk has no need of lotion
No fame to trade
For living longer
No Dirty/ Clean sign
For the dishwasher

A tree does not fear being swindled
Feel guilt for taking up too much space
Worry about leaving too much behind

Tiny soap nuggets stuck in the drain
Dust pan at the bottom of the stairs
Doing math while playing music

Trees don’t make us feel anything
They bring us pencils
And wooden shoes
Hammer handles and
Beautiful singing birds

But trees don’t make us feel anything