Jumping buildings While holding hands 

Cookies in the pantry
Toys in attic
Love is a juggling act

Shaking hands
A coffe cup made of stone
Love is water

The patter of tiny soft feet
All along my should blades
Love is an animal skin.

Sweeping up time with
Enormous flowers
Flying through the air
In matching gold suits

Jumping buildings
While holding hands
Love is a mouth wide open

Feed it
Kiss it
Make it move

Hold hands with love

The frosting on your cheek
The stars in your eyes
The hurricanes and rabbit holes
Love is the map
The weather
Blowing us along
Holding us together today

We follow It to
Whereever it takes us
As long as we meet
Now and then

Show Poem: A drop of kindness For every tear drop… July 01/ New Brunswick , NJ /Court Tavern #SchwervonPoetry


Soy burger diner
I see dead people
A place to put my drink

Smurf cum graffiti
On a thoughtful piece of art

Badly exicuted guitar riffs
Litter the back alley air
The sabbath always ends
With Sabbath

Catching nothing out of
The corner of my eye

I’ve eaten the same falafel
In two states

Men and women
Getting pushed around
In strollers and wheelchairs
Walkers and canes

Guy outside Super Cuts
Smoking and playing
With his phone
Listening to something
On headphones
Wearing a hat
Sunglasses hanging
From the collar of his shirt

Can’t stop staring
Where is he going
What is he thinking
Does he cat call women
Does he like women

Was that the wrong word choice?
There’s something
Like this happening
In a hundred other places.
I’m sure of it.

Fish on the walls and doors underwater
Pictures of cats taken by dogs
Parking. Meters
Nickel and…

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Show Poem: Let’s get wet… June 28 / Beacon, NY /River Fest #SchwervonPoetry


Wolf calls and birdsong
Water lapping and grass bristling
In the wind
Rain drops tap tap taping
Insects chirp and call
These are the songs I whish to cover

It is important sometimes
To feel the water
Between our bones
To celebrate the great river spirit

Just open your mouth
Let her fluids inside
Embrace the
Hydration in take

You are here to day
Drink that in
Let it drip down you chin
And make a big wet spot on
Your pants
Wear that wet spot with pride

Water is where we come from
Let’s get wet
Let’s get born again
In each other’s
Wetness is the best
Swim in it
Drink it in
Let’s get wet
Let’s get wet.

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I am prepared now For all the screaming children 

I am prepared now
For all the screaming children 

I know how
Sensitive the strings can be

What it is to club the rain
Wrap my arms around it 

I choose my gods every morning
Cookies, sun, baking soda and light
Today, this minute

Over and over
Never the same 

There are waffles in the streets
Protein falling from the sky 

Silver squirrel chases
on every corner
Free plastic bags 

I am developing strong 
With other poets 

Baseball diamonds in the rough… Sat. April 11 / Kirby’s Beer Store / Wichita, Kansas #Schwervonpoetry

This is the most recent Schwervon! show poem.


Paradise Lost virginity
In a church parking lot

I wasn’t worried about
Where to hide my gun

Baseball diamonds in the rough

Forgotten plots of genius
Dead things on the side of the road

Smoke through bullet holes
Snacks that don’t make you
Hate yourself

Golden hills burnt black
Billboard bushes
And fast food tumbleweeds

The birds returning
Bridge NO. 68.451

All caps, Helvetia, green background

Half of the sky is gray
And the other half is white

Beating things down
Blowing things up

At this moment
None hurt my head

(This poem was recited for the first time on Saturday, April 11, 2015 at Kirby’s Beer Store, in Wichita, KS)

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We sit upon the broken eggs… Friday, March 14, 2015 #Schwervonpoetry 

Show poem from last night.


IMG_5109Morning sun deliver me
From the tar pits of sleep
 Fuel the day with
 Woolly Mammoth tusk.
 The meaty bones of writing.
 Skin crumbs that chip and peal
 from all the faces
 That I love and dream
 A day before the fire
 Evading the battles
 Over log cabins and hard cider
 Birkenstock face lifts
 Spray painted Cadillacs.
 Mr. Potato head eye shadow
We learn to dance with
 The broken bodies
 We study the chickens in the yard
 We learn from their moves
 We sit upon the broken eggs
 The imperfect yolks.
 We break free
 We shine with glitter
 Dripping from the corners
 If our mouths
 We smile rainbows
With each potato we peel
Each root we pull from the earth
Our dirt clod legs
Dangling in the sunlight
Pounding on the water trough.
Of this earth but no longer in it
Time to skip and dance
Time to feed others

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Never too ugly to dance with 

Soda can bee stings

Dog farts to the face

Legs not moving beneath the desk

The dangerous animals


Bond through dreams

Always able to be tired

Critical diets reveal sand

Hours and hours of waiting

Never too ugly to dance with

Pick the next shirt

Paradise routines

Making love to the toothbrush

Exceptionally surviving

Creating the day 

For endless spills

Tork Xpressnap

For endless spills

Endless destroys

Odorless prizes

Cling free rewards

The end is when you win

Poets are lazy bastards

And whatever female bastards are

When it comes to love

I don’t choose sides

I’m in love with the neighbors dog

Her name is Mocha

I pet her over the fence

Wipe the crud from her eye

I love her so, so much.

Making the rubble bounce

An endless adventure

Warmth escaped
By a thousand airport blankets

Journey inspired by
A well rehearsed outburst

Owl tree
By the side of the road

Making the rubble bounce
Learning the small moves


Magic wheel danger mouse
Sport war
safe trap

Twerking the dream

You might just make it after all.

You might just make it after all.

You just might make it after all.

You might make just after it all.

You all just might make it after.

You make it just after all might.

You after all just might make it.

You make might just after it all.

You just might all make it after.

You all might just make it after.

You after all might just make it.