This is easy for me 

  This is easy for me 

Forgotten to the core

Without the love, it’s just coffee

The research is the living

The corner of my mouth 

Well marked exits 

The words are peaceful times 

New tables made to look old 

Morning bagels served on a piece of wood 

Excessive validation 

Pacing the garage 

Step by step 


Like rain 

Show poem… Only war is war / Friday Jan. 22/ KC, MO @ The Brick #Poetry


photo by Rachel Sky

A donut is a donut Is a donut

Only war is war

Seed on the satellite

Water in the brush

The gateway drug to The West

Things turn around here
Things die and things are born

But in between things will dance

And collide

Shift and slide

Into place

Outer space
Let’s stop and listen

To the trumpets playing in our ears
Let’s fuse together

Two separate elements
We will forge a new tool
A magic hammer that

Destroys meaningless borders.
Liquids spears flung

Over our shoulders
Piecing gently arrows into
Lonely late night political party callers
Calling out our numbers.
9 to 5

10 to 2

1 to 9

12 to 7

6 to 1

Half a dozen
Break me off

Break me down

Break me out


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Show Poem… No one is a frozen wave / Sat. Nov. 7/ Mills Records KC,MO #Poetry 


Untitled photo by Rachel Sky

Woke up not thinking.
What’s in your pussy?
Hands inside.
Fingers like sky scrapers
Poking through the clouds.
Back pocket full of wanting.
Hair creeping out from beneath
Pancake panties
Hot black coffee straps
Burn a path
From the house to the lawn.
You’ll never feel better
Until you admit that there’s anger

The ghost of a cat
Teaches us to individualize
Our restraint protocls
To love ourselves
Trusting the beat.
Hanging out after the show.
We all understand the pain
Behind every note
The dots connect
Where the love is
That is where
We all have our sides
In plain sight.
No one is a frozen wave

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Show Poem: YouTube is mad at Facebook… July 09/ Pittsburgh, PA / Gooski’s #SchwervonPoetry


She was the kind of girl
That seemed off balance
Without a beer in her hand
One arm slightly longer
Than the other
Head permanately tilted
To the right

The Car rings like an old telephone
The heavy air almost deafening

YouTube is mad at Facebook

I slept at the old Smucker
Farm last night
My pillow was full of jelly

I dreamed all
The lost phone chargers
The clean canteens
And fancy face soaps
were back with me

I swear I felt that bird
In my hair
Came swooping down
And nearly missed the car

Sad people who don’t
Know how to eat
Like every meal requires bread

Trying to soften the blows
Of the many Passing days

Hot sauce nightmares
Tickling the squares

Everyone has a shady side
Blowing smoke up
Our own asses
Romanticly using the past
Dissecting our
Cancerous butt lungs

We cough up the fantasies

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Love is the black paint

Reading and rotting 
The door is open 
Walking the road with no sidewalk 
Any place that you’re not free to leave
Becomes a prison 

Beer cans and buried cable 
Smashed plastic liquor bottles 
Monkey meat 
For all the cut hunters 

Heroes don’t need billboards 
Or special hats 
Statues of molded horses 
Broken phones and sneaky deals
Love is the black paint 

I’m starting to believe  The more expensive wine is better

Ground mouth.
I’m starting to believe 

The more expensive wine is better

The papers write themselves 

Numb pinkies

Wake up every morning 

And summon the assistants

Listen to the computer glitches 

Unsweetened dreams 

Dobro in the sun 

Alone time

Walking memories 

The best  ways to help 

Me overcoming Like 

Pictures other people take 

Mixing the wind of 

Tools to break and fix 

To reveal 

Love is a battle field And then it’s a Pop song

Dreaming of past lovers
Farting in bed
I am finally warm

It never ends
Never goes away
always comes back

The welcome flags
Blow in the wind
Every one tells a story
The colors lie a little
Money from tourists
Frozen pigeon shit
A vacation with no Adventure

Google my love
The boys all call her Alaska
But I call her Florida

Evil can teach you things
Love is a battle field
And then it’s a Pop song

Why is it better Over there

Let me try to tell you
Why is it better
Over there

Unless it’s keeping you
From killing
Unless it’s keeping you from
From hate

Turn off the damn TV
Then turn it off again
And again

Make it like shitting
3 times a day
One half hour
After every meal
turn it off

Study the fuck up
Call people

The clouds are not butter
Investigate the deaths

Argue with the ones who
Say music is all about guts
Fight with the ones
Who say it is all math

Lightning is important
It’s not everything

Wear your bruises
Honor your soft knuckles
Rehearse for the interview
Your brain is the trophy
Its not scrambled eggs

It’s beautiful

Repeat steps
Don’t stop

Journey the lifetimes
between it’s and it is

It’s worth more than a cheap suit
and an old junkie’s approval

Rant my love
Rant until there is nothing left
Secret, there never is

It’s worth more
Than an expensive suit

Read, read read then
Listen to the face

Maybe I am wrong

Find out