Show poem… Only war is war / Friday Jan. 22/ KC, MO @ The Brick #Poetry


photo by Rachel Sky

A donut is a donut Is a donut

Only war is war

Seed on the satellite

Water in the brush

The gateway drug to The West

Things turn around here
Things die and things are born

But in between things will dance

And collide

Shift and slide

Into place

Outer space
Let’s stop and listen

To the trumpets playing in our ears
Let’s fuse together

Two separate elements
We will forge a new tool
A magic hammer that

Destroys meaningless borders.
Liquids spears flung

Over our shoulders
Piecing gently arrows into
Lonely late night political party callers
Calling out our numbers.
9 to 5

10 to 2

1 to 9

12 to 7

6 to 1

Half a dozen
Break me off

Break me down

Break me out


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