A path to flowers

Waking up in a tiger cage
Forgetting everyone’s name

Walks will get you places
An education takes place

A crime scene
A moment remembered
Buildings not there
Buildings there
A painting

In search of Perfect moments
Discovering Bad evidence
Walking alone

A path to flowers
Appear sometimes
on the road to burgers

The words pass through
The brush behind
The buildings
How do the filters hurt you
Telephones, appliances
Pick up the receiver
Look at the beautiful

Human signs


The sound of flowers shrinking

Popsicle poetry
I have no stomach
For a scorched earth policy

Letting the air out.
Texting in bed

Skating party limbo
The next day and the next

The emptiness never
Bothered me.

A feeling of something
Is pushing

Calf pain
A throwing up of hands
A conversation with myself
What I mean

Perhaps it’s time
to take down
The Christmas lights


Speaking in code
The sound of flowers shrinking
These squirrels are fearless
Long walks

Lazy poets