KC, MO 7/1/17 Davey’s Uptown Rambler’s Club #poetry

No longer feeling
The scabs on my knuckles
The boot in my ass
There is no place
For ordinary madness anymore.

No one is holding it in
All concerns are fully throated
Every scream is heard
Impressions are made
Therapudic methods employed
Numbers are up
Flaps down
Landing gear on
Women fully exploited

The distant cries of the ice cream man
Serve as the perfect score
To this revolution

Water, check
Glucosamine, check
Bluetooth, check
Candied pecans, check
Large accesssble quantities of quinoa,

Who knew things could get so ugly
Who knew we could be so hated
Who knew that complaining could
Get us so much attention

Who knew someone could write a cool
Song with the word chillax in it?

Babies born and worlds ended
Over exploding knees.
I’d be a dead caveman without you.