Show Poem: I do not have to be loved By every puppy and kitten… July 02/ Philadelphia, PA /Hong Kong Garden #SchwervonPoetry


I do not have to be loved
By every puppy and kitten
In true form or otherwise
Pixilated and remotely transmitted

Uncomfortable obligatory
Body functions

Plucking fruits off
The guitar tree
Failing to judge a
Monster’s eating habits
Fake powdered peach tea

The stress of riding arrows
Into the heats of people
You do not know

The ice cream truck music
Plays on in the distance
An endless loop
My first experience
With sampling.

Found and terrifying memories
Motorcycling along
Another soft pretzel
Eyes in a fish bowl
Chicken and shrimp
We’re all the same
when We’re fried

We’re all the same when we
Talk through a hole in our neck
We’re all the same when we’re kissing
Through holes in our necks

We were all beautiful
When we smeared it around
So beautiful  when you let go
The dogs barking in the distance
Drinking beer beneath the street lamp

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Okay to be broken

Okay to be broken
Okay to disconnect
Okay to be a fan

Nomads are much more
Likely to resort to cannibalism

Eating bugs
Eating rats
Eating guts

And seminal fluids

The Mongols of peacetime
Shooting for dollars

A marriage of self defense
We’ve never seen anything



Rhesus pieces
There’s no place like home

It is everywhere.

Be cool with jerking off

Take time every day
Never all day

Politics are everywhere
Not everything

If you disagree
with your government
Then you are
A revolutionary

The tail Of human evolution.

Be cool with jerking off
Never define your spirit

Act like you’re giving advice
To an imaginary child

All the time