Things grow in the shadows

“Teens charged with murder”
The inevitable pace

Fire creeping around a log
Morning light trough
The basement window

Competitive worshiping
Judging the love

No mission

I am not your
nuts and berries

I cannot make new life

Things grow in the shadows
We can explore them

We can mold the darkness
Like mud in the bog

I’ve been seeing things Out of the corner of my eye

I’ve been seeing things
Out of the corner of my eye

when I look it’s gone
When I focus it’s not there

A lazy soul

So many cops
So many churches
So many t-shirts
So much pasta

Constantly rehearsing
Acceptance speeches

Launching arrows
a sea of bees

Genghis Khan clouds
The indirect approach

An army of donuts
Lead by a lion

The brass ring
Is in your nose

A dry erase board
A bag of records

Working with friends
Is such a good idea

The burning cold