There’s more people here Than you might think

There’s more people here
Than you might think 

Pay no attention to swings and poles 

What is the source of your drama
Cars splitting in two?
Born in the wrong body?
Dreams of decapitation?

Neverminding memories.
We must all sit down together
Over a breakfast of our broken eggs 

We share many things

Roasting over the rib pit
Our juices run together 

We must consider
For a moment
The bones we suck on 

When we run
our lungs grow stronger

We share the air
With many tiny things 

A white plague
A plague of pollen
A plague of flowers 

We let go of the

The guilt
For Beating our meat 

We drink in the smoke
Like wine
We dance with the fire
Like a true true

There’s nothing wrong with sharing

Work hard rock harder
Cookie dust
TV on the sidewalk
The right monster
For the job

Chirping for dollars
Another pair of shoes

Another hook in the ocean
Money for school
leaves On steps
The weirdos that
Walks everywhere
Revenge of the Olds

Circulate and destroy
Just try to stop

And then it’s gone
In an instant
It is a look
A half second on the dance floor
A flip of the hair

Flip of the hair
Flip the hair
Zoom in
Choose a filter
Now Share

There’s nothing wrong with sharing
The kids know that

There’s nothing wrong
With it taking over
there is

Guns are the toys of
Eternal children

We speak and listen
We turn and turn and turn
Happily making wind

There’s a nightmare In my nightmare

There’s a nightmare
In my nightmare
It says that I am free

Ladies will get wild
It’s beautiful how they roll around

Pieces sticking
And slipping
Between my fingers

We can’t afford ornaments
We need a wider highway
We need a bridge to nowhere
A larger set of crayons
A more satisfying eating room
A clean place to wait
For the doctor
Christmas lights
And free coffee

Sometimes the mistakes are

Perhaps the world is better
Without you.

Side effects
Five dollar large pizzas
Better pants

Love again
It never ends
Longer than weakness
That’s more than trillions