I understand the sound of my voice

May cause you to prefer
The company of wolves
But my voice is my voice
The similarities it has with others
Are the beautiful work of life

In you I see the reshaping
Of a myth with science
That tells me that you were not
Once a part of me
That I was once a part of you
And at this moment
A new myth forms
Like morning light
Abandoning the dark night

To fall in love through song

Birds are not the only animals
To fall in love through song

You’re strength
Is your wingspan


A Sparrow with teeth
Taught me how to cry

Feeling lucky
Is the pill of joy

An answer to faith
No strings attached

Methods to madness
A scorched earth policy

Nodding at the
Talking heads

The only faith required
Is to know that I am here
’til every Devil’s Egg
Is detonated