Old Toys

Quiet confidence
A resting animal

Chasing the tadpole
Inside my body

A dog collar in heaven
Starbucks enema
Erect on demand

The meat between the
Wheels and the road

A bird on the other side of the glass

Our future is not a marshmallow
It is liquid sunlight

There is a couch at the
End of the bed
A table and a chair
Paper on the desk

A dim light reminds us
Of of old toys

Sifting through old photographs
Thinking deeply about
Mindsets of the people
In the pictures

We live in the gift

What does an old man think about?

We all must look at ourselves

In many differnt ways.

Subtract from the sand.

Sea foam bubble bath

What does an old man think about?

Rudiments of asthma

Deliverance of the penis

When beer started tasting good

Trading my hands for fins.

Thought blocking cocks

Styrofoam pieces in the grass

Footprints in chocolate

Re-evaluation of values

Life inside the straw

I could take some time here

I saw what I could

how could I