I have a voice 

Life on a glass cake plate
Elected captain
Of the bent weiner patrol

The laundry has been done
All the little pots and pans
Have gone to bed early
Tucked away
In their warm foamy bliss.
The holiday dishes
Have been called to the front 

The cold morning light
Illuminates the dogs breath. 

Leaf Camouflage milkshake.
Nougut colored fur.
Wise mind thought bubble.
Chicken flavored chicken 

Republican butterflies
Wet spot on my jeans
The right socks
The right vest
The wrong tie
MRI sex machine
Pickled in a salad
Slaves to a fickle vagina 

More more more
Less more
Less less

I have a voice
And that voice is loud
That voice is scared 

It’s not easy

Show Poem: At best I accommodate the leaving… July 12/ Evansville, IN / PG #SchwervonPoetry


Disturbed by
The over use of the word love

Extraordinary emotional moment
Something escapes me slowly
With no reason or pattern

At best
I accommodate the leaving

Hide the dying fly
With a cup of coffee
Biscuits and gravy
Half empty Sirachi bottle

Addicted to pretzel shapes
And cheap nuts

Busy hiring others
To promote your lack
Of promotion

Slicing through mountains
Bleeding boulders
Pouring dreams out
From the trunk of our car

Drunk tweeting
I’m so old
I don’t give a fuck
Bullshit you’re better than that
My people!

Waking up at 8 going to bed at 5

The under use of the word love

We’re not just running a business here
We’re fighting a war
We are building a life
It would be so easy
To just take the medicine
Connect the dots
Punch te click
Something has to change
It might as well be us


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Show Poem: I do not have to be loved By every puppy and kitten… July 02/ Philadelphia, PA /Hong Kong Garden #SchwervonPoetry


I do not have to be loved
By every puppy and kitten
In true form or otherwise
Pixilated and remotely transmitted

Uncomfortable obligatory
Body functions

Plucking fruits off
The guitar tree
Failing to judge a
Monster’s eating habits
Fake powdered peach tea

The stress of riding arrows
Into the heats of people
You do not know

The ice cream truck music
Plays on in the distance
An endless loop
My first experience
With sampling.

Found and terrifying memories
Motorcycling along
Another soft pretzel
Eyes in a fish bowl
Chicken and shrimp
We’re all the same
when We’re fried

We’re all the same when we
Talk through a hole in our neck
We’re all the same when we’re kissing
Through holes in our necks

We were all beautiful
When we smeared it around
So beautiful  when you let go
The dogs barking in the distance
Drinking beer beneath the street lamp

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Show Poem: I praise the human inventions… June 23 / Detroit, MI / Pj’s Lager House #SchwervonPoetry


I learned to love myself
At a very early age
And this has made
All the difference

I do fear the day
When we are all thumbs
But I also try to learn
The language of the
Feet and mouths

Goodbye blue Monday
Hello red Tuesday
The rest of the week
Is a rainbow sucker
Spinning around God’s
What color will she land on?
I don’t know

All that I see is the green grass
Waving in the yard
A distant dogs bark
A loose rattle if dishes

I have friends making love
Half way around the world
I see paintings of their faces
in every cloud that blows by

I praise the human inventions
That allow me to appreciate
All the non human inventions

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I stand by this raging river

I stand by this raging river
I happily kneel to her power

There is no boat
There is no bottle

Dip a toe
I’m a feather in a snow storm

I will be here
Before the flood
I will be here

Walking up and down
The stairs

Studying the rocks
Or not

I will watch the river flow

I am Charlie

Bending iron bars
With our heated vision

Acts of collective indiscipline
I am Charlie

Feverishly tapping thumbs
On small pieces
Of freezing glass

Smelling old people
Listening to children

Paying our fair share
Asking for what we need

Waking up

It’s easier just to fight

To take it all out

A Good book
A magic bullet

A freezing walk alone
In the park

Heated car seat

Tools are just tools
Until they are their

They are not free
are not love

We are

Sometimes I forget That we’re not normal

Sometimes I forget
That we’re not normal

Perfectly imperfect
Running in bed

Drinking monster piss
Surround by fire
Splinters in our
Belly buttons

Non matching

Sometimes I forget
When I’m driving

Sometimes I talk
too much

Sometimes I forget to love

Repeating yourself
Off the grid

The importance of being
Remembering to wait
What they mean
When they say

Redundant punctuation
Reflection in the door knob.
The last apple slice
I do