Show Poem: I’m taking A vacation from knowledge…Sat. May 25 / KC, MO / The Brick #Schwervonpoetry


I’m taking
A vacation from knowledge
I’m laughing at my own jokes
Sleeping by the fire
Dropping the bear bags
And napping before the show

Ordering the grilled cheese with turkey
Unsteady if the turkey with cheese

I’m Working the odd jobs
Taking candy for breakfast
Chew toys for lunch
I’m putting the world
in a soft flour Tortilla shelll

No creams no ointments
It’s so quiet here without the wires in

Skipping rocks
Jumping buildings
Stretching the fabric
With my bulbous fantastic
Perfect melon shaped buttocks

Let’s stretch the fabric
It doesn’t have to be smoky
Or drug like

We don’t have to remove our makeup
We just have to be willing
To smear a little lipstick

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The gift of taking away

The gift of taking away
Is too powerful
Outside of poetry or pet world
It poisons the worm 
Clogs the needle

Grand gestures cling
To see what happens 

Ocean target practice
Just keep walking
Combing the beaches
Fur bullets in bottles 

All battles are cancer

The beeps of life
Electric bubbles
Vapor sighs

When the time comes it sings
a whisper

The lime in you mouth
The face on your teeth

If I must be a Buddah
To go on with you
Then so be it