Dog Catcher Heart 

Upon waiting for the apology text
I witness Starbucks
After school revolution

A clean soft lighted place
Escape from the car faces

I read about Eilen Myles
And her Dog Father

I could never walk
My ghost so easily

Never easy for me to see
Who held the leash

Like a job I wait
Transporting myself
To the office in mind

Highway stress
Leaky ceiling drips

Evesdropping on alley crackheads
NPR clouds softening the light

I’m in love, I’m alone
I work in my home

I’m in love with a
Dog catcher heart

Tourist trap dream catcher 


Tourist trap dream catcher 

The lights go on and off automatically

Blackhead dissolving gel

Inappropriate emails 

Retire the elephants

Swallow the new day’s burrito

We are all self employed

None of us are self employed 

Water comes from many places

Anyone can but they don’t 

What went wrong on the runway? 

Entering through the backstage door. 

Replacing tourist dollars 

The backs of blind faith. 

A bouquet of sticks. 

Eternal joys  of

A humming birds wing flap