Stop looking for the real me 6/16/18 @ The Brick (KC, MO) #poetry

Major Matt Mason USA

IMG_6923 photo by Hillary Watts

I am not the man I was a minute ago
I’m not the man you think I am
I’m not the man.
I might not be
A man at all
I might not be your mother
You mother’s mother
Who might not be the man
I may have never been.

She may have been a big beautiful
Pink sky
Who opened up one day
Above a high school that
Looked like a penetentary

She may have been a dark cloud
Moving along a powerful wind
That blew a baby bird from it’s nest
Leaving it to perish on an empty sidewalk

Maybe that bird was just a thought
That formed into a question.
A question about hair…
How do I look in these jeans?
What time is it?
I can’t hear you.
Are you going to say you’re sorry?

Hearing your own voice.
Sounds like someone…

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Mammarial Day

Take time today to
Remember dead heroes
And stoned ladies on stage

Take some more for dead heroines
The twice forgotten
Take twice as much time as that
And consider what a hero is to you

A trombone up my ass
A trombone up my ass
A little Philip Glass
And a trombone up my ass

Less attention to the speach speakers
The game gamers
The pay for prayers.
Converse with the dead.
Dead people make great listeners
You can learn a lot from a dead person.

Who painted these walls
Who put all these dents in the ball
Hunters and gatherers.
What is this stage for
It’s like
The audience forgot
How to be an audience

Sometimes in our attempts
To move boulders
We blow dust
In people’s eyes

Keeping the air clean and clear
Is all you need to see
The sculpture
Inside the enormous rock
In front of you

Book of faces

You have no idea
Analytica Karenina

Largest organ of the human body
Whack-a-mole of hives
Stealing our moments
Salving our thighs
Coming to things
Respecting the written word
Falling behind while catching up
Cutting and pasting
Repetition is a chemical reaction

Just being in the same room
Something behind everything
Repetition is a part of physics

It’s time to flush out the poison
Psychometric Nightmare Band
Put on a little makeup
Mix it with some body fluids
And stuff collecting in gutters

Lincoln center
Fourty second street
Sixth street Indian restaurants
What’s a man to do?
Read the menu
Turn the channel
Click the link
Look up
Look out
Consult the Stars
Get a drink
Stop thinking about it
That should satisfy them
See, there’s work in there
Now am I allowed?
Now am I permitted to?
Have I expressed the right amount of Gratitude.
Are you happy enough to stop?
Have you made them happy
So they can stop
Looking at your self
And look at yourself
And feel they made
Them happy.