Never too ugly to dance with 

Soda can bee stings

Dog farts to the face

Legs not moving beneath the desk

The dangerous animals


Bond through dreams

Always able to be tired

Critical diets reveal sand

Hours and hours of waiting

Never too ugly to dance with

Pick the next shirt

Paradise routines

Making love to the toothbrush

Exceptionally surviving

Creating the day 

Span time With mixed company

Scare things
Scare yourself

Be more than angry
Be more than cool

Span time
With mixed company
That are the
Thoughts in your head

Spill your guts
On the battlefield
A balloon
filled with water

Wave at strangers
Let them know
you’re okay

Constantly pulling
The covers up.

Wave at strangers
Let them know
They’re okay

I love you for what you say.
for what you do.
Your limited revisions.
All the beautiful

A sack of warm
Sliding to
the butcher’s Table

A frozen bag of peas

I rush to the medicine chest
For you
though we know
There’s nothing
there will help

Learning the grooves
If each record
Each new morning
Dig bark
Bird song

There’s nothing wrong with sharing

Work hard rock harder
Cookie dust
TV on the sidewalk
The right monster
For the job

Chirping for dollars
Another pair of shoes

Another hook in the ocean
Money for school
leaves On steps
The weirdos that
Walks everywhere
Revenge of the Olds

Circulate and destroy
Just try to stop

And then it’s gone
In an instant
It is a look
A half second on the dance floor
A flip of the hair

Flip of the hair
Flip the hair
Zoom in
Choose a filter
Now Share

There’s nothing wrong with sharing
The kids know that

There’s nothing wrong
With it taking over
there is

Guns are the toys of
Eternal children

We speak and listen
We turn and turn and turn
Happily making wind

Be cool with jerking off

Take time every day
Never all day

Politics are everywhere
Not everything

If you disagree
with your government
Then you are
A revolutionary

The tail Of human evolution.

Be cool with jerking off
Never define your spirit

Act like you’re giving advice
To an imaginary child

All the time