The fire brings us out

Running down a mine shaft
Fire in the hole
Hammering away at the
Rock wall insides

A gift for my children
Could be a curse for thousands
I’ll never know

No rest for the Falcon’s prey
There will always be blue beards
Lurking in the closet
Nerd kings
And forgotten canary heroines

The uncried tears
That fueled so much construction
So many teams
Clawing away the clods of light

So hard to hear
The bat hitting the ball.
The stadium crowd
Cheers from a distance
Sound like a whisper

Leaves fall into action
Reminding us that dead things
Give life where there was none before.
The fire brings us out.

Guarding spaces Left for fire trucks

A closet in paradise.
Full of conviction
Spell check

Ignore the walkers
We all wake the same

All put on our reflective parts
One leg at a time

The cars line up

Cutting and baking
The content

Pinning butterflies
At the grocery store

Not solely speaking
To the
Masterbators and the

not just waving
At the walkers.

A mansion in hell
Sense of humor
Yoga position

Guarding spaces
Left for fire trucks

A training camp for guards.
A place safe to love

Beneath yellow paint
And chrome