A return to New landscape

The branches are starting to sag
Under the weight of promises
Addicted to the winds
Of Summer 

Slanted telephone poles
On their way out
More signals passing through
Buried underground
A return to
New landscape 

Looking at what we will not know

Barking through fences
The cruel jokes
Kids play in the yard
Sealing their fates
In a blink their mother’s eye

A memory
Over and over it plays
I let it pass through
But I know it will return
Like water in the gut
A temporary home for water

Water drips from leaves
Into the asphalt
And into the grass 

Show Poem: I do not have to be loved By every puppy and kitten… July 02/ Philadelphia, PA /Hong Kong Garden #SchwervonPoetry


I do not have to be loved
By every puppy and kitten
In true form or otherwise
Pixilated and remotely transmitted

Uncomfortable obligatory
Body functions

Plucking fruits off
The guitar tree
Failing to judge a
Monster’s eating habits
Fake powdered peach tea

The stress of riding arrows
Into the heats of people
You do not know

The ice cream truck music
Plays on in the distance
An endless loop
My first experience
With sampling.

Found and terrifying memories
Motorcycling along
Another soft pretzel
Eyes in a fish bowl
Chicken and shrimp
We’re all the same
when We’re fried

We’re all the same when we
Talk through a hole in our neck
We’re all the same when we’re kissing
Through holes in our necks

We were all beautiful
When we smeared it around
So beautiful  when you let go
The dogs barking in the distance
Drinking beer beneath the street lamp

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Show Poem: Let’s see how it feels To feel good for a while… June 27 / Brooklyn, NY /Shea Stadium #SchwervonPoetry


The nightmare comes after the dream
And then the dream returns

Hop on hop off
No amount of rain
Can wash away this filth
The filth of millions of friends
And millions of dogs of friends
And tens of millions of dogs of friends shits

Bathing at the bottom of the well
A single orange balloon
Tied to my wrist

Tight rope walker
Stretching across the sky
Home is where you hang

A beautiful black bird
Feasts upon something dead
By the side of the road

Coming up for air
Your ad here
Let’s ride this rainbow
Into a positive millennium
Breakup sex marriage

Let’s see how it feels
To feel good for a while
Let’s feel more
More than a feeling
There is no divot replacing
There are moles in one
There are no holes
no right time weong time
There is only somewhere else
And that’s not…

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Show Poem: Learn to shake the lion’s paw… June 19 / St. Louis, MO/ Foam #SchwervonPoetry


Drinking from green bottles
We water the courage
To sleep through another night

Bloated white whale
Building our monument to relaxation

Painted clouds
On a Flash Gordon sky
Living the dream
On a bad green screen

Savior of the univers
Grass stains in my underwear
Tree sap on your bra

Buying gold and selling guns
Adult superstore
Super adult stores

Rocks and arrows
Elephant knuckles
Scrape along the highway
Crapping out to backing tracks

We look just like our parents
You can see it in the eyes
Soothing and dead
Stretched tight
Like an animal skin
Across a lion’s paw

We must learn to shake the lions paw
Learn to shake the lions paw
We must learn to hold it over our lover
In the moonlight

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Everyone learns to fly In prison eventually 

Waiting for the cursor
To disappear
Staining the boot strap
There’s life
There’s living your life
It can happen to anyone
Exploring blindness
Money As A Weapon
Eyes over rated
Living the question

Spray painted shapes
On the sidewalk
Car after car
A lonely piece of fruit
On the break table
I’ve cleaned up after men
For most of my life
Beat up card tables
Multiple wall sockets
A folding chair
Flowers grow under us
all the beautiful colors of dirt
Everyone learns to fly
In prison eventually
Not sad
not borne sad

I’m starting to believe  The more expensive wine is better

Ground mouth.
I’m starting to believe 

The more expensive wine is better

The papers write themselves 

Numb pinkies

Wake up every morning 

And summon the assistants

Listen to the computer glitches 

Unsweetened dreams 

Dobro in the sun 

Alone time

Walking memories 

The best  ways to help 

Me overcoming Like 

Pictures other people take 

Mixing the wind of 

Tools to break and fix 

To reveal 

Never too ugly to dance with 

Soda can bee stings

Dog farts to the face

Legs not moving beneath the desk

The dangerous animals


Bond through dreams

Always able to be tired

Critical diets reveal sand

Hours and hours of waiting

Never too ugly to dance with

Pick the next shirt

Paradise routines

Making love to the toothbrush

Exceptionally surviving

Creating the day 

A path to flowers

Waking up in a tiger cage
Forgetting everyone’s name

Walks will get you places
An education takes place

A crime scene
A moment remembered
Buildings not there
Buildings there
A painting

In search of Perfect moments
Discovering Bad evidence
Walking alone

A path to flowers
Appear sometimes
on the road to burgers

The words pass through
The brush behind
The buildings
How do the filters hurt you
Telephones, appliances
Pick up the receiver
Look at the beautiful

Human signs


Okay to be broken

Okay to be broken
Okay to disconnect
Okay to be a fan

Nomads are much more
Likely to resort to cannibalism

Eating bugs
Eating rats
Eating guts

And seminal fluids

The Mongols of peacetime
Shooting for dollars

A marriage of self defense
We’ve never seen anything



Rhesus pieces
There’s no place like home

It is everywhere.