Show #Poem : Thur. May 26 In KC, MO @ Davey’s Uptown

A walk in the park 
Tallying up the grape skins 

Taking one last breast 
As we all did 

The pennies rolling all over the floor 
Flag making at an all time high

Stitching stars into the backs 
Of our most convincing brew dogs

Buying time for the judgment class 
Proud of their latest hamster toy 
Then bath children in the fear 
That collects in bottomless barrels 

Rains of indifference 

Oceans of drowning ghosts 
Give us our mission

A field trip to go see the crosses 

Popcorn thoughts 
Explode like speedballs 
Or peeled grapes
In light of excess organ donation 

Composing poems 
Between transactions. 

If it is the best we can do, 

It is what we must do