Show Poem: Look inside the light and Don’t forget your sunglasses… July 11/ Cincinnati, OH / The Comet #SchwervonPoetry


No pets allowd
At the welcome center

You could tell by the way
She folded her arms
She’s was box office poison
A gal from the sticks
With a heart of oak
And a wooden smile to match

There’s something a
Little too sensual about
The mouth feel of this candy

Do you have any idea
How many times you’ve
Said the f word over the course
If this conversation?

Peeing makes me have to pee
The hospital made me sicker
Engenieering a longer lasting flavor
The shortest distance between
Two pains

The long lost art of
Practicing delayed gratification

Brushing off demons  with
The soft catlike hair
Of an old man

Making love to a wall
That beats me every night

We all lace up our diamond
Encrusted cat skinned
Girdle the same way
One soggy cornflake
Soaked moustache at a time

Look inside the light and
Don’t forget…

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Show Poem: I do not have to be loved By every puppy and kitten… July 02/ Philadelphia, PA /Hong Kong Garden #SchwervonPoetry


I do not have to be loved
By every puppy and kitten
In true form or otherwise
Pixilated and remotely transmitted

Uncomfortable obligatory
Body functions

Plucking fruits off
The guitar tree
Failing to judge a
Monster’s eating habits
Fake powdered peach tea

The stress of riding arrows
Into the heats of people
You do not know

The ice cream truck music
Plays on in the distance
An endless loop
My first experience
With sampling.

Found and terrifying memories
Motorcycling along
Another soft pretzel
Eyes in a fish bowl
Chicken and shrimp
We’re all the same
when We’re fried

We’re all the same when we
Talk through a hole in our neck
We’re all the same when we’re kissing
Through holes in our necks

We were all beautiful
When we smeared it around
So beautiful  when you let go
The dogs barking in the distance
Drinking beer beneath the street lamp

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Show Poem: Eat this and never die… June 25 / Buffalo, NY /Sugar City #SchwervonPoetry


Audience of zombie teachers
Prison closet sex club
Fueld by an over active bladder
And pocketed coil technology

Eat this and never die
I finally found the right snack
Brain rolls covered in icing

Lost baggage shows up
In a different time zone

Rain clouds on a silver Buffalo
A gauntlet of trees
Passing on the left
The organ grinder tips his hat
And smiles

Fighting dirty in the car

The cows are gathered
In their masses
Upon green pastured
Midnight masses

Sorry brings the hurt
Sorry brings the hammer down
Nobody sees it like you
And I know that’s
Extremely frustrating
Like a bird who only knows
It’s own song

We must learn to use the black Light
to excavate the crime scene
We must sing inside the fishbowl
to Create song bubbles

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weaker and More magical

The Christmas lights
Finally took down

Posing for photographs
Post office penguins

The wrong sized bags for things
I love how you use them

a serial drama
Looking at my time here

Too long
We linger in coffee shoppes

Across the room
to each other

It’s right
How I know

weaker and
More magical

The color on paper

I don’t have to choose
The freedom comes

We listen to the sound.

We have freed ourselves
Of the soldiers
And the tattoo artists.

Lost perfect words Between sleeping and waking

Lost perfect words
Between sleeping and waking

Give me that at least
A present for my sadness

The mystery of action
Upon all apparent vices

To see the bottom
And return

Robbins playing in snow
Squirrels dancing with sorrow

All of us

All of us crowned in blood

You have a choice
to turn the page
Or push the button
a choice
To swim the ocean
Between them

Courage to follow
Your mind where it wanders
To make use
Of the resting places
Along the path

To heighten your quest
For soft arrows and turning logs

Eternal reverb
a voice worth worshiping

Never spilling
Just moving

Repackaging and Uncovering

You listen to as many
Songs in the world as you can.

Painting by flower
And flame thrower
War over cartoons
And collected advice columns

We don’t like the same things
We prepare for battle with television
We train with meat

We make up meaningless
words like enemy
And freedom

We reward ourselves insane
for picking the Most cotton

We mix gin with the roots
Of our rocking chair

We slice pie with the blood
Of lost pets and
Killer whales
Forever in search of
The philosopher’s stone

Leasing a sea of tax revenues
And clothes hangers

Harvesting eyes
For the winter
Vacationing off the coast
Of a set of headphones

Governed by alchemists
And magicians

Turning the crank
Feeding pigeons
Voting for dollars

Washed play sand

Repackaging and

Sisters and brothers
We are all in this
Seventy percent


Love is a battle field And then it’s a Pop song

Dreaming of past lovers
Farting in bed
I am finally warm

It never ends
Never goes away
always comes back

The welcome flags
Blow in the wind
Every one tells a story
The colors lie a little
Money from tourists
Frozen pigeon shit
A vacation with no Adventure

Google my love
The boys all call her Alaska
But I call her Florida

Evil can teach you things
Love is a battle field
And then it’s a Pop song