Repackaging and Uncovering

You listen to as many
Songs in the world as you can.

Painting by flower
And flame thrower
War over cartoons
And collected advice columns

We don’t like the same things
We prepare for battle with television
We train with meat

We make up meaningless
words like enemy
And freedom

We reward ourselves insane
for picking the Most cotton

We mix gin with the roots
Of our rocking chair

We slice pie with the blood
Of lost pets and
Killer whales
Forever in search of
The philosopher’s stone

Leasing a sea of tax revenues
And clothes hangers

Harvesting eyes
For the winter
Vacationing off the coast
Of a set of headphones

Governed by alchemists
And magicians

Turning the crank
Feeding pigeons
Voting for dollars

Washed play sand

Repackaging and

Sisters and brothers
We are all in this
Seventy percent