Sister Halloween – 10/12/18 @ The Rino (KC, MO) #poetry

Major Matt Mason USA


Dipping my fingers into a bowl of wet grapes
I have no idea where this is going

Do you remember that Halloween
The neighbors did a haunted house
They said that you were dead
But it was just a trick
So you could show up later as a ghost
I spoiled it by believing them
And ran home crying to Mom
But you came after me
Your face was painted white
You told me that it wasn’t real
That you weren’t really dead
And that it was just a
Scary story for Halloween

I went back into the house
I touched the peeled grapes in the dark
They told me they were eyeballs
I knew they weren’t
But it was fun to pretend
When I saw you with the neighbor
Pale and not moving in a giant play pen
I knew you weren’t really dead
But you shouted Boo I…

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Overslept 10/05/18 @ Revolution Records (KC, MO) #poetry

Major Matt Mason USA

Awake to the birds singing
A distant siren reminds me
A previous life

I watch two squirrels
Making love in the rain
My breakfast two cookies
And a cup of coffee
Another day of failed media fasting
Another day listening
To the human screams

Is it still called oversleeping
If there no reason to be awake
This is not a reference to suicide
I hear distant thunder
Light rain on the patio awning
I leave the kitchen door open
It’s like a giant speaker
Between the outside world
Sometimes I like getting cold
Like getting warm in reverse
Sometimes the screaming
Sounds like singing

I knew there was a reason I overslept

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Post operative instructions 9/28/18 @ Inner Space Yoga (KC, MO) #poetry

Major Matt Mason USA

IMG_7418The dog communicates
Early in the morning
I think about the difference
Between a bark and a scream
I make the coffee now
I assign the meaning to my morning
It is a gift and a curse
Until it is all a gift
Om Shiva Shakti Namaha
Om Shiva Shakti Namaha
Om Shiva Shakti Namaha
My destiny awaits
But first I must
Choose the right socks
He said She said We said
We dance with ghosts
We listen for their high frequencies

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