Show Poem / Dec. 10, 2021, KC, MO (The Brick): Please be aware

The old man that you shake you stick at 
May be on fire 

The pain shooting through his knees
Seeps into a babies bottle 
A mother’s breast he had to fight for
Sleeps beneath the ground 
Preserved like a hidden science experiment 

There is nothing in the world
That cannot be beautiful and sad
The rush of picking a side 
Overshadows the main dish 

Who loosened all lids on the salt shakers 
Who left the refrigerator door open
Who’s footprints are these in the butter

Could there be such a thing 
As a mindful meat cutter? 
Could we eventually see 
With the eyes we are born with? 

I see many worlds dancing and 
Many worlds asleep 
Many worlds dreaming 
Dreaming of wakefulness 
Dreaming of sleep 

Show Poem/ Dec. 3, 2021, Lawrence, KS (Replay Lounge): Today I write the poem down

But that doesn’t make it more or less
Than the poetry of any other moment

When I see a silent leaf drifting through
An unseasonably warm December sky
It is no different than a mob of young sexpots
Tearing up a dance floor on a Friday night

Regret is a shortcut for the rich path of uncertainty

It ends where it begins

But it’s sugar has us dipping our tails
Into its sweet and bottomless wells
Chasing our own stories over page after page
Scrolling ahead in a book that has yet to be written

Engage your ass as rudder not a carrot or a stick
Invite the ghost of radical uncertainty
Into your bungalow of shifting sand

Hitch a ride on this wave of destruction
And rejoice in the salty tears
Of unqualified compassion

What can I do

Close to me

Pick up the trash
Count all the little floaty things
I see coffee dripping
Parents dropping kids off
The race is on
So much poetry around coffee
So much trash not picked up
For weeks it blows
Sometimes longer
Set free from car windows
Escaped from cans
Stuck in fences
Bleaching in the sun
Might make it into a bird’s nest
Or lawn mower blade
A passerby’s thoughts
Eventually someone takes care

Fri. Dec. 20 @ Revolution Records (KC, MO) Release Party and open mic for Dad on 8th St. Publishing

8th Street Publishing Guild is proud to announce the release of Matt Roth’s new chapbook entitled “Dad”. Join us for an evening of poetry, music, drinks and more! An open mic will follow our featured readers. Be sure to pick up your very own copy of Dad at the reading!

8th Street Publishing Guild is Revolution Records’ in-house publisher of surreal & avant-garde poetics. To learn more, read what we’ve published, or find out how to submit, find us online or come meet us in person at the readings.

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Show Poem: 10/4/10 @ Records With Merritt (KC, MO)

Major Matt Mason USA

No one tells you

About the hungry ghost
That lingers when the pain
Has left the body
Oh you can still find it
In hard to read books
Secretly located art shows
Songs minimized in the shuffle

We used to spend a lot of time
Searching for things
Behind old wooden sheds
And upturned flower pots
Librarians on horse back
Jokes wrapped inside
Wrapped inside television commercials
Wrapped inside sports events
Wrapped in side tortillas

Rock Paper Scissors
The Declaration of Independence
Two for one coupon
Expires ten four nineteen
Four ten for Europe

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New Video For: Dolly (and other unfinished business) by Broken Heart Syndrome

Major Matt Mason USA

This track was inspired by the autobiography of Dolly Parton. Many years ago, while I was still living in New York, I took part in a very ambitious singer-songwriter night that is put on by my friend Susan Hwang, called the Bushwick Book Club. It’s still going on, as far as I know. Basically, you read a book and then you write a song about it. The book was Dolly Parton’s: My Life and Other Unfinished Business. I was having a hard time tracking down a copy of the book and luckily my friend Diane Cluck just so happened to have it on tape. It was an actual cassette tape. So, yeah turns out Dolly Parton had a pretty amazing life. It was great to hear her voice telling her own story. There were several points where I felt very moved and even connected to her story. I tried to…

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Operating at a safe distance –07 /26/19 @ Crow’s Coffee (KC, MO) #poetry

Addicted to three-thirty​
Allowing for the clouds to pass
Documentary jungle dreams
Operating at a safe distance

When I was a child once
I let a dog bite me in the eye twice
The first time I wanted to play
The second time I was apologizing

Time to let go of all the stuffed animals
To break the seal
To pet the penguins
Take a coffee with danger

Zero-calorie sweetener
Balanced for everyday use
Earthly grains ready to eat
All-day pain relief
What was I apologizing for?

My species, my infinite wisdom
In every relationship since
I’ve never forgotten you Pretzel

New Video for Some Skies Are Blue (Demo)

Major Matt Mason USA

Instead of going out last night, I decided to indulge one of my favorite guilty pleasures which is cruising public domain video footage sites. I put together this video for a demo recording of a new song entitled Some Skies Are Blue. The song was inspired by a prompt that was given at the Rino, Monday night, open mic in North Kansas City. The prompt was: New Beginnings.

The song is meant to be a little tongue in cheek. Most of my life I have been uncomfortable with blatant spiritual references in art. In my opinion, only a handful of my favorite artists have managed to pull it off (Lou Reed, Nina Simone, Bhagvan Das come to mind). It is the “preachy” proselytizing aspect of some religions that I find most off-putting. This was the first song that I wrote after breaking up with my long term partner and…

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