Jab defense

Jab defense
Walking on sun shine
Scraping the light
Off our shoes 

Even the easy message
Takes a lot of work 

Pacing the garage
I am the stair master
Are you the spoon keeper 

Keys to the car seat
Cracks in the asphalt 

Making out in a drive way
Tailing a perp
No one payed any attention
No distractions to
Stimulate paranoia
No dogs barking in the dark

Soccer practice with human heads
Surfing with a five year old
Surfing a wave five years old. 

Show poem… Merry chew mass / Friday Dec. 11/ Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge #Poetry


photo by Fally Afani

A soft needle to the eye
A flash of discomfort
The branch of a Christmas tree
Forced through a crack
In the wall

Knowledge that changes
Just a small part of it
Grows ever so slowly

Merry Fasciam
Happy Porno Days

Riding the rough patches
Bald spots
Softening the tone

Whistling at kettles
A dead feather in the screen door
Everything is now a chew toy

Chew for love
Chew for cheer
Chew for sex
Chew for Christmas
Chewmas is upon us
Merry chew mass
Dirty chew mass

I had the time of my life
And I owe it all to cookies

Lighting cymbals on fire
And sacrificing to the gods.

The gods of love
Gods of reason
The gods gods
Gods of goddess
Goddess of salad
Goddess of dressing
The whole shebang

Poetry and light
All of it.

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Show poem… Better than candy / Friday Dec. 5/ Cedar Falls, IA @ Octopus #Poetry


Cars pass
Time passes

She bites my head
Like an enormous cookie

A crescent head like a moon
In the dark winter sky

Dorm room nightmare memories
Headlights in the rear view mirror

Dancing from refrigerator
To refrigerator

Purple sweaters all over the floor

A place to dance
To wipe our feet

A soft spot to stand
And soak in all of the
Floor stuff

Best friends for
Limited times
No one gets out of here
No one gets out unhappy
No one gets out

Someone saved my life
With some special juice
Or maybe just a
Simple act of kindness

Stop pushing through things
Stop taking it all as a sign

It is a tool to be used
A hammer and a fork

Stop not loving things
So much

Wooden shoes crack

They feed the fire

Zippering the night
We follow the flames
In the sky

We stop

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Show poem… So you think you can dance/ Friday Dec. 4/ Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews  #Poetry 


 So you think you can dance

Slipping through
By slipping

The ice is our enemy
The ice is our friend

Mothers and daughters
Walking down stairs
Finding their seats
To the love

The end of the slide
The top of the trail
Early darkening days

Who put you there?
Who made it here.

Lifetimes of number crunching
And bible berthing
Sucker punching
Love of words
Distrust of
This joy

Now is your chance
A ghost will greet you
Rolling hug

There is no catch
We all lead different
And they are all
The same

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