Show Poem: It’s hard when you hear everything… June 24 / Kent, OH /Stone Tavern #SchwervonPoetry


It’s hard when you
hear everything
It’s hard to know
where the fountain
Water goes

Dead child area
Feeding the lake
A tree falls in the woods
A random smoking hole
How to stay asleep all night

It’s hard to remember that
Life ain’t nothing
But a funny funny riddle

Worshiping at the
Church of the 16 vaginas
Home of the 10 dollar lap dance
Free chips and sangria

A stones throw from your heart

Flags on a car
Pizza underground
Gas is cheap here
Gas is cheap here
Gas is cheap here

Real fruit shakes
Ripe for the sippin
River of love
Burning witch nipples
Watching the ripples spreading
A natural current
A current of jelly
A vegetable jam

Beautiful birds and ugly songs.
Gas tank vinyl burns
Brian James Town Hash Tag Slur
Ugly birds and beautiful sings

I’ll talk to you lampshade
I’ll what makes you tick

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What does the butterfly Know about its caterpillar life

There’s something
I’ll always remember

Some birds stay all winter
They know their place

The ether kicks in
Much slower in this town

What does the butterfly
Know about its caterpillar life

Pinkies numb
A pin hole into
The black box

Dark spot correcting serum

Tractors pull
All earth’s people

Paying for poison
Unpicking the locks
Protecting our ears

Cages of wood and nylon
Side ways obelisk

An island of pride
A desert of feeling
We are all the middle child

We see too much of the sky

Love is a battle field And then it’s a Pop song

Dreaming of past lovers
Farting in bed
I am finally warm

It never ends
Never goes away
always comes back

The welcome flags
Blow in the wind
Every one tells a story
The colors lie a little
Money from tourists
Frozen pigeon shit
A vacation with no Adventure

Google my love
The boys all call her Alaska
But I call her Florida

Evil can teach you things
Love is a battle field
And then it’s a Pop song