Why is it better Over there

Let me try to tell you
Why is it better
Over there

Unless it’s keeping you
From killing
Unless it’s keeping you from
From hate

Turn off the damn TV
Then turn it off again
And again

Make it like shitting
3 times a day
One half hour
After every meal
turn it off

Study the fuck up
Call people

The clouds are not butter
Investigate the deaths

Argue with the ones who
Say music is all about guts
Fight with the ones
Who say it is all math

Lightning is important
It’s not everything

Wear your bruises
Honor your soft knuckles
Rehearse for the interview
Your brain is the trophy
Its not scrambled eggs

It’s beautiful

Repeat steps
Don’t stop

Journey the lifetimes
between it’s and it is

It’s worth more than a cheap suit
and an old junkie’s approval

Rant my love
Rant until there is nothing left
Secret, there never is

It’s worth more
Than an expensive suit

Read, read read then
Listen to the face

Maybe I am wrong

Find out