I awake

Escaping a nightmare
Moments before a
Collision with a
Telephone pole

I see a cat collide
With a moving car
Not mine
It writhes in the street
A boy and his father turn
I am fully awake
I drive by

Deep State

Early buds
En route en route

Working with greatness
Requires great patience
Your bones must be hollow to fly
Something bigger than all of this
Like hunting the rarest of all things
Willing to take our lashes
Bunker down in wet socks
Peek through the cracks
Cup our fingers over our mouths
And blow on them for warmth
We hear breathing

Padded mallots bring us closer
To the truth than our original protocal

Something deeper
Than the mutual deceptions
The body rises and falls
with the breath.
We are the breath
The easy speakers
We translate the barks and the chirps
The undersides of leaves

KC, MO @ The Brick 10/20/17

And some mornings
I just want to
Blend into the leaves

All theses sores
My natural bark

A tree trunk has no need of lotion
No fame to trade
For living longer
No Dirty/ Clean sign
For the dishwasher

A tree does not fear being swindled
Feel guilt for taking up too much space
Worry about leaving too much behind

Tiny soap nuggets stuck in the drain
Dust pan at the bottom of the stairs
Doing math while playing music

Trees don’t make us feel anything
They bring us pencils
And wooden shoes
Hammer handles and
Beautiful singing birds

But trees don’t make us feel anything

Walk in the park

The morning air feels like ocean air
It cleans with dirt instead of salt
Red plastic cups on the grass
The cottonwood leaves flicker

I yank the dog’s leash
She’s licking a piece of shit

Tuesday 7:30am
The SUVs roll down the street
Military moms go to heaven

Show Poem: September 12, 2017 Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn #poetry 


Never the same never different
A little colored tile in the right place
It all works like an apple
Stem to core
Annoying little sticker
I actually found a worm once
It was the best fruit I ever tasted

All hail Defender’s Day
Release the stars
From your spangled banner
Unnoticing the trash
Refined art theough choking
Unpainted drywall
A single red bra
Dangling from a wire hanger

Pigging out in bed
After a well lit ecening with friends
All hail human beings
Inventors of the puff
The sounds of hungar
Leaving our bodies

Buses and trains
Learning to attach
“the particular auditory effect
produced by a given cause”
I don’t need to live this life again
I’m taking is all in this time

With beautiful beautiful memories
Like beatiful little birds flying
In and out of my window

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KC, MO 7/1/17 Davey’s Uptown Rambler’s Club #poetry

No longer feeling
The scabs on my knuckles
The boot in my ass
There is no place
For ordinary madness anymore.

No one is holding it in
All concerns are fully throated
Every scream is heard
Impressions are made
Therapudic methods employed
Numbers are up
Flaps down
Landing gear on
Women fully exploited

The distant cries of the ice cream man
Serve as the perfect score
To this revolution

Water, check
Glucosamine, check
Bluetooth, check
Candied pecans, check
Large accesssble quantities of quinoa,

Who knew things could get so ugly
Who knew we could be so hated
Who knew that complaining could
Get us so much attention

Who knew someone could write a cool
Song with the word chillax in it?

Babies born and worlds ended
Over exploding knees.
I’d be a dead caveman without you.