KC Antifolk Fest 5/7/17 Madrigal #poetry

Every day begins like a dog toy.
Scooping poop in the back yard

There are front yard people
And there are backyard people
We are backyard people

It’s all over when you’re
In love with crazy

Cut my tail, call me lazy

The daily grinding down
Of the unicorn horn

The earth, the stars and
the sky. Be it all.
I don’t mind.

Lean against the concrete steps
Warmed by the sun
Let the leaves and dirt
Mingle with the hair on your ass
Put your tongue on everything
Suck the ribs like
Strings on a harp

At home with little more than thoughts
I am a master at killing time
Counting the naked pictures on the wall
That one looks like an elephant
This one has a bagel for a penis
All the beautiful train wrecks
In the world
And this one is mine

These are the moments we remember
When it’s just us
Too tired to judge
To tired to hate
We embrace in the dark
Secretly, unconscious
In love