Show Poem: Porch times… June 20 / Champaign, IL / Mike ‘n Molly’s #SchwervonPoetry


Waking up with the perfect
Balance of pain

We stretch our fruit roll up skin
In place
Peal back our gummie bear eyes
And gaze upon the grazers

Writing movies about movies
Blinding children to the facts
Little rubber dolls on the dashboard
Pointing the way

Pretzel crumbs in my superman
American flag adult diapers
Flowers flowers everywhere
Bobble heads rule world

Breathing trees all around us
Burgers on the grill
Avocado prostate

Making friends
Porch times
No one can take away

No one takes away the first time
Unless you want it taken away
Then let it go
Make up a new story
No one cares that much

Water on a on warm
brick road after the rain
Laughter with people
You just met
These things matter much more.

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