Show Poem: Asphalt smorgasbord… June 21 / Kalamazoo, MI / Louie’s Trophy House #SchwervonPoetry


The terrain affects the creatures
That roam upon it

The vegetation is wide and succulent
Asphalt smorgasbord
Meat scraps littler the highway
Baking in the sun
God provides for the thrifty

Car talk and Gatorade
Pretzels and almonds
Three thousand miles
Of crumbs and stains

Bearded smokey Mud trucks
Long Long Island trailers
Rusty guard rails
Steel dinosaurs with their
Heads stuck in the sand
DeathStar rays penetrate our souls
And We feel nothing
As long as we have plenty of bars

Flower print purses
Stuffed with cash
Pushing buttons
And shaking hands

We bathe in the golden sunlight
Swallow golden dishwater
Heads on the doors
Heads on the walls
Heads in our hands
Hands shaking
Holding flowers
Inspiring pretty prints
For purses.

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