Show Poem: Death by couch… June 22 / Lansing, MI / GTG House #SchwervonPoetry


Death by couch
Bathtub marmalade
Dough eyed morning after pill
The coffe guy is very talkative today

Zucchini bread circus
I have always found comfort
Amongst those playing a role

The cool new thing to do
Taking thunder from a baby
Stripping for the nerds
High definition humping
On a bed of fresh greens

Tornado alley
Exploding produce
Rice pudding and face soap

It’s the Hungar
That makes the snake
Taste so good.

Mud helps the orgasam
No one understands the blood
National guard
Exta cash on the weekends

I never even notice the flag.
Perhaps it’s time to take it down.

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