Show Poem: Death by more for less… June 12 / Chicago, IL / Auxiliary Arts Center #SchwervonPoetry


image photo by Michael Fawnsluh

Death by more for less

The shortcomings of self regulation
The saga of self motivation

Free shipping with purchases
Over 2.5 billion dollars or more

Feeding time
You don’t have to go hungry
But you can’t eat here

When love mapping
Beware of buried
Power lines

With all the praise required
God is surely the neediest
Of all beings

I escape the bluebird
With an active mind

Reading into things
Before understanding

The pages of a book
Lapping like waves
On the side of a
Mossy dock

Hill top
Green highways
Black bean burgers
With the ghost of Mark Twain

Lost glasses
In molasses

Eyelids stuck shut
Fields of fuel

Wishing did not feel so
All alone
Learning to eat chicken
On the bone

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Show Poem: When I blink my cherry eye All I see is cherry pie… Sonic Sat. June 3 / KC, MO / Coda #SchwervonPoetry


Rolling clouds of flame
Deaf to the pleas from another world
Things never said
Interrupted by things never heard

I am a toy inside a dogs mouth
A giant stomach turning 50

The counting begins
Things pass through

Heads talking to
heads with no mouths
Removing the rock from my third eyelid.

Listening to the grill rain down
The hot oily mist
Tatoo musical notes
On my dry skin

When I blink my cherry eye
All I see is cherry pie

Pro gel technology
Probiotic alternative nation

Smelling the sweet
Over abundance of rain we prayed for
in another life
We must learn to
Capture it in barrels
Store it like our fat cells
For those days
We know are coming
When love is lean
Like a dry creek bed

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Show Poem: Just one conversation Can change the whole Mood of your poem… Saturday. May 30 / Warrensburg, MO / The Bay #Schwervonpoetry


UntitledI wallow just like
the rest of the wet piglets
Slipping and sloshing
Like a virgin trout in love
At the hatchery

The mud
never touches my exquisite
cloven hooves

On very little sleep
I eat badly

all around
The entire city cheers
For what they get
With a lot of hard work
And very little effort

Bombs exploding
One after another
Rapid succession
Compressed, quantized and equalized

And the fans go wild

Just one conversation
Can change the whole
Mood of your poem

Pyro city in a water world
That’s my soul up there
Sun spots on the backs
Of our hands
More fireworks
Less drunken fish fight

Let’s break a leg on it

We’ll make the stars dance
Like they dance on
Dancing with the stars

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Show Poem: This is not your last chance…Friday. May 29 / KC, MO / Bike Smut @ Vacant Farm #Schwervonpoetry


Bike SmutSweat and and spit
Are my machines
Coolant and lubricant

I talk my steed down
From the cliff each morning
There is no magic involved

Caribou lapping at the waves
Clogged tear ducts
Rain on my crack

Time to space things out
Too much religion in the garage
Time to excavate
Explore the taste

Pretzel nuggets and banana peels
Soft puppy tongues
Treat the dried skin
Old limbs
Sore muscles
Bicycle seats

We grasshopper our way back
Through them
You are all tall blades of grass
Ready to be strong again

Wet water washing
Water giving
Water burning

Burn away the tears
The fat of the future and past

Take it
Take on me
Take me on
Take a chance
Take a chance
Take a chance

This is not your last chance
This is the chance that you are taking

Take it
Take it all
Then take for a ride

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