miniBar / KC, MO / March 5, 2016 #poetry 


I’ve got smiles for miles and miles
Like fish in the sea

Every one is different
Every one an ocean
With a million more fish
And twice as many smiling fish eyes
And hookless smiling mouths

There are no sidewalks in the ocean
No traffic lights
No stars
No fucking mid westerners
Complaining about the coasts

Blue and black
White fish flesh and cold cold blood
And very little fat
The water is always working in us
Reviving and pushing
We learn to push back
With our fins and gills

We don’t need a mask
We don’t need a spear
We fly under water
We enter the colors
We leave blanketed
By the salt and the sand
The Rock
And the land

The cookies move within us
To look like other cookies.
We change our hair
We Change our friends but
Now is forever
Now is a forest of

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