Replay Lounge / Lawrence, KS / May 4, 2016 #poetry


photo by Fally Afani @ I Heart Local Music

Enormous green phosphorescent cock
Penetrating the night sky

Anxious young mutt
Plowing the yellow grasses
For petrified poos

I hear you knocking.

You can come
But please remove your shoes

Holders of the brass keys
Public forgers
Of the four way test

I am speechless for you
But this is not to say
I have nothing to say

Say say say
What you want
But don’t play games with my affection

Slaves to the engineer
Saved by the engineer

No more blowing out
Of the the candles
No more wishing
No more washing
No Wishy washy
Pish posh slish slosh

The make up on your face is fine
Your ears are fine
Your hands are fine

Like a bird on your shoulder
You wear that shit around
How ever you like

The herd
Witness protection
Chisel your reaction
Fan your…

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