Brooklyn, NY 2/20/16 #poetry

Swimming with a beginners mind
Feasting upon the world
Like an open face sandwich
Holding things with both hands
Holding things with
Both hearts 

The under brush
The trash and paper
On the side of the road
Tangled in the branches 

The joy of pissing in allies
Teacup surprise
Taking refuge in holes

Where are you please send help
There’s carpet on the wall
There are Dog biscuits on the walls 

Drumstick clock face
Guitars and bars
Stars and floors
And full moons over dark skys
Frozen pipes and hard times
Fit bit shit bit
Big ass and stained glass

Swimming with a beginners mind
How many times do I have to say it?
I love you all
And I hate it when you fight
You are so special and talented
Like the most excellent sandwich
Ever made
The very very best sandwich I have ever
Ever tasted in my entire life.