Baltimore, MD 2/19/16 #poetry 

Waves of a distant highway
Cracks on a hotel bathtub
An elderly woman
alone on her birthday
A look
A sigh
A fart 

We make so much from nothing
Truly amazing we are 

Jumping from one conclusion to the next
Like a victim
on the ledge of a burning building 

Mobile home damage control
Pest home funeral control
Cheap fuel and expensive friends
Truck stops as far as the ey can see

Proceed to the root
Listening to
The woman who bought the world 

Don’t worry it’s a hip crowd
They’re with you
We’re all here.
We’re all in this

We sip it slowly
We ponder the complexity
But we never question
The light that envelopes us
And the mail carrier
And the mail handler
And the mail stamper
And the letter writer.
And the the letter reader 

We listen and we listen
For signs and then
we follow
More aware