Show Poem: I praise the human inventions… June 23 / Detroit, MI / Pj’s Lager House #SchwervonPoetry


I learned to love myself
At a very early age
And this has made
All the difference

I do fear the day
When we are all thumbs
But I also try to learn
The language of the
Feet and mouths

Goodbye blue Monday
Hello red Tuesday
The rest of the week
Is a rainbow sucker
Spinning around God’s
What color will she land on?
I don’t know

All that I see is the green grass
Waving in the yard
A distant dogs bark
A loose rattle if dishes

I have friends making love
Half way around the world
I see paintings of their faces
in every cloud that blows by

I praise the human inventions
That allow me to appreciate
All the non human inventions

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Show Poem: Learn to shake the lion’s paw… June 19 / St. Louis, MO/ Foam #SchwervonPoetry


Drinking from green bottles
We water the courage
To sleep through another night

Bloated white whale
Building our monument to relaxation

Painted clouds
On a Flash Gordon sky
Living the dream
On a bad green screen

Savior of the univers
Grass stains in my underwear
Tree sap on your bra

Buying gold and selling guns
Adult superstore
Super adult stores

Rocks and arrows
Elephant knuckles
Scrape along the highway
Crapping out to backing tracks

We look just like our parents
You can see it in the eyes
Soothing and dead
Stretched tight
Like an animal skin
Across a lion’s paw

We must learn to shake the lions paw
Learn to shake the lions paw
We must learn to hold it over our lover
In the moonlight

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Show Poem: Just one conversation Can change the whole Mood of your poem… Saturday. May 30 / Warrensburg, MO / The Bay #Schwervonpoetry


UntitledI wallow just like
the rest of the wet piglets
Slipping and sloshing
Like a virgin trout in love
At the hatchery

The mud
never touches my exquisite
cloven hooves

On very little sleep
I eat badly

all around
The entire city cheers
For what they get
With a lot of hard work
And very little effort

Bombs exploding
One after another
Rapid succession
Compressed, quantized and equalized

And the fans go wild

Just one conversation
Can change the whole
Mood of your poem

Pyro city in a water world
That’s my soul up there
Sun spots on the backs
Of our hands
More fireworks
Less drunken fish fight

Let’s break a leg on it

We’ll make the stars dance
Like they dance on
Dancing with the stars

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I am prepared now For all the screaming children 

I am prepared now
For all the screaming children 

I know how
Sensitive the strings can be

What it is to club the rain
Wrap my arms around it 

I choose my gods every morning
Cookies, sun, baking soda and light
Today, this minute

Over and over
Never the same 

There are waffles in the streets
Protein falling from the sky 

Silver squirrel chases
on every corner
Free plastic bags 

I am developing strong 
With other poets 

Silence the inside words…Mon. April 20 / Shawnee, KS / Shawnee, Kansas #Schwervonpoetry


Suckle on
Coal coughing sugar tits

Silence the inside words

Hear to the scissory chirps
Of the nighttime sparrows

A good dog will always
Ruin a good tennis match

Stump emerges from the earth
Like a baby dinasaur from it’s egg

The hornets mourn
At my cars grill

Smoke fills the air
Softens the harsh light

Morning is my favorite
Time of sleep

Dream walking spoons
Light through the basement window

Before the breath moves
To the background

And eyes start talking smack

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Baseball diamonds in the rough… Sat. April 11 / Kirby’s Beer Store / Wichita, Kansas #Schwervonpoetry

This is the most recent Schwervon! show poem.


Paradise Lost virginity
In a church parking lot

I wasn’t worried about
Where to hide my gun

Baseball diamonds in the rough

Forgotten plots of genius
Dead things on the side of the road

Smoke through bullet holes
Snacks that don’t make you
Hate yourself

Golden hills burnt black
Billboard bushes
And fast food tumbleweeds

The birds returning
Bridge NO. 68.451

All caps, Helvetia, green background

Half of the sky is gray
And the other half is white

Beating things down
Blowing things up

At this moment
None hurt my head

(This poem was recited for the first time on Saturday, April 11, 2015 at Kirby’s Beer Store, in Wichita, KS)

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Learning the lazy prayer  For quiet mornings

Walking down
The sleep isle

Tears rolling off
A zombie sun

Pricks on the horizon
Fish bone shadow puppets

Reminding me to relax

Infinite multiplying screams
Saying: I can’t be heard.

Miles of doctors walking the plank
A sea of elective surgeries

Living long

Learning the lazy prayer
For quiet mornings

It takes more and less

Love is the black paint

Reading and rotting 
The door is open 
Walking the road with no sidewalk 
Any place that you’re not free to leave
Becomes a prison 

Beer cans and buried cable 
Smashed plastic liquor bottles 
Monkey meat 
For all the cut hunters 

Heroes don’t need billboards 
Or special hats 
Statues of molded horses 
Broken phones and sneaky deals
Love is the black paint 

The scariest ones are the scarredest… Sat.March, 21 / JR’s Lightbulb, Fayetteville, AR, #Schwervonpoetry 

Schwervon! Show Poem from Fayetteville.


Fish in a fish tank
Fish on a plate
Fish in the bathtub
Swimming all around me
Playing by the crooked rules
No wires, no hooks,
And no digging straps
Documentary film making at it’s best
Sitting back
Riding the road
Taking the turns
Swinging from the trees
Not beating the shit out of things
Junk yard wrecking crew
Pull gently and push rigerously
The dogs are afraid of me
Until they get used to my scent
Everything feels so expensive
In chilly evenings
Things get colder
They’re more beautiful now
Connect the spots on the sidewalk
Follow the pathetic that
Reveals itself to you
Always remember
The scariest ones are the scarrdest
Sometimes the best
Conversations at parties
Are with the lampshade.
And the cat

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What goes on behind the backs Of those who write on blackboards…  Friday, March 20, Valley Of The Vapors Festival, Hot Springs,AR #SchwervonPoetry 

Show poem.


Let the spring rain fall on your brain
We don’t have time for the scenic route
We need the sleep more
We are on a mission
No time for cracker barrels
And good will stores
We are here to rock the people
What font is your nightmare?
No time for Mr. Hall’s boring
speech patterns and silly boots.
The reasons behind why we risk
Making fools of ourselves
What goes on behind the backs
Of those who write on blackboards
The art of vandalism
Of mixing paint with words.
The science behind friendship
And fearful speech patterns.
Pay no attention to
The rubber seals
On the side of the highway
The needles in my finger tips
We are here to rock the science
Of love
This may not be you best day
But it doesn’t have to be your worst

(This poem was recited for the first time on Friday…

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