For endless spills

Tork Xpressnap

For endless spills

Endless destroys

Odorless prizes

Cling free rewards

The end is when you win

Poets are lazy bastards

And whatever female bastards are

When it comes to love

I don’t choose sides

I’m in love with the neighbors dog

Her name is Mocha

I pet her over the fence

Wipe the crud from her eye

I love her so, so much.

People pay for their slums

Fuck you children
Hate haters of life

I love hating life
The silent treatment

Not amazing you with my mind

The walks of shame
The bad catering

Songs about
Making things cheap

People pay for their slums
We see buildings

The fisting of brick walls
Student hookers
Proud parents

Small broken sticks
in the sidewalk

Flattened empty cigarette packages

Twinkle twinkle lucky star
I do not scream in bars

I do not talk up strangers
For uncomfortable
Amounts of time

I bow to lampshades
Seek the corners

They turn me on

Guarding spaces Left for fire trucks

A closet in paradise.
Full of conviction
Spell check

Ignore the walkers
We all wake the same

All put on our reflective parts
One leg at a time

The cars line up

Cutting and baking
The content

Pinning butterflies
At the grocery store

Not solely speaking
To the
Masterbators and the

not just waving
At the walkers.

A mansion in hell
Sense of humor
Yoga position

Guarding spaces
Left for fire trucks

A training camp for guards.
A place safe to love

Beneath yellow paint
And chrome

A brunch for Armageddon… Friday / January 10, 2015 #SchwervonPoetry

Yesterday’s Poem


Untitled photo by Jason Buice

We have done a great
Disservice to ourselves

We have listened to
our parents

studied the moves
In great detail

Conditioned our condition

We have punctured tires
Arranged our supplies
Plated our red wheel barrows

We smeared
The colors
Like soft cheese

Sweaters for the macaroni
Forks in our eyes
Anger feeding gallons and gallons

A little confession
Can go such a long way

Living cliches
Ignoring sashays

Making use of these
Cracked shells
Let’s mix our yolks
A brunch for Armageddon
Ketchup bleeding heart.
Gay Boy Scouts
Grandmothers in drag
Family dinners together

A future to believe in.
We can make it happen
Very easily sometimes
Poof, celebrate

(This poem was originally recited on January 9, 2015 at Mills Record Company in Kansas City, MO)

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