Show Poem: I’m taking A vacation from knowledge…Sat. May 25 / KC, MO / The Brick #Schwervonpoetry


I’m taking
A vacation from knowledge
I’m laughing at my own jokes
Sleeping by the fire
Dropping the bear bags
And napping before the show

Ordering the grilled cheese with turkey
Unsteady if the turkey with cheese

I’m Working the odd jobs
Taking candy for breakfast
Chew toys for lunch
I’m putting the world
in a soft flour Tortilla shelll

No creams no ointments
It’s so quiet here without the wires in

Skipping rocks
Jumping buildings
Stretching the fabric
With my bulbous fantastic
Perfect melon shaped buttocks

Let’s stretch the fabric
It doesn’t have to be smoky
Or drug like

We don’t have to remove our makeup
We just have to be willing
To smear a little lipstick

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A Gifted Curse

Drying my clothes 
On the hot rocks

Maybe it’s enough 
To keep the yard clean 

Why are you so hard? 

Dandy lion hair pulling 
Cracks in the chewing gum 

Most things sexy 
Are a flies life 

Old hanging skin 
Beatiful non divisions 
And long, long walks 
Deliver me from the tar pits

Tracks in mus
Fertilizing seeds 

Blissfully clutching my thumbs
Pounding my hooks 
Into the screen 

Opening warm sodas
On chain link fence

I’ve stopped stealing
From the teacher’s closet

The weight of old flowers
A gifted curse

A path to flowers

Waking up in a tiger cage
Forgetting everyone’s name

Walks will get you places
An education takes place

A crime scene
A moment remembered
Buildings not there
Buildings there
A painting

In search of Perfect moments
Discovering Bad evidence
Walking alone

A path to flowers
Appear sometimes
on the road to burgers

The words pass through
The brush behind
The buildings
How do the filters hurt you
Telephones, appliances
Pick up the receiver
Look at the beautiful

Human signs


A tasters choice… Saturday January 24, 2015  #SchwervonPoetry

Last night’s show poem.


A tasters choice
Earning every meal 

Dead pidgeon on a dumpster 
Beautiful hotel lights 

That guy probably makes 
More than both of us

Nice try asshole
Just park your fucking truck 

I am confidence builder 
You are insecure  one

Picking fights like picking noses
I want you to succeed 
in spite of me

“Ice picks on your tongue”
Long underwear on your lips

Breathe in the cold 

I know I’m not the man
Who always gets things right

I’m not like Neil Young 
I don’t drive cars real fast 
I dabble in the dark arts

Watching ourselves 
In a fishbowl

It’s painful or peaceful 
Ghost of a cat 
In the corner of my eye

A choice 
A tasters choice 

(This poem was recited for the first time on Saturday January 24, 2015 at Coda in Kansas City, MO)

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Love is a battle field And then it’s a Pop song

Dreaming of past lovers
Farting in bed
I am finally warm

It never ends
Never goes away
always comes back

The welcome flags
Blow in the wind
Every one tells a story
The colors lie a little
Money from tourists
Frozen pigeon shit
A vacation with no Adventure

Google my love
The boys all call her Alaska
But I call her Florida

Evil can teach you things
Love is a battle field
And then it’s a Pop song

A brunch for Armageddon… Friday / January 10, 2015 #SchwervonPoetry

Yesterday’s Poem


Untitled photo by Jason Buice

We have done a great
Disservice to ourselves

We have listened to
our parents

studied the moves
In great detail

Conditioned our condition

We have punctured tires
Arranged our supplies
Plated our red wheel barrows

We smeared
The colors
Like soft cheese

Sweaters for the macaroni
Forks in our eyes
Anger feeding gallons and gallons

A little confession
Can go such a long way

Living cliches
Ignoring sashays

Making use of these
Cracked shells
Let’s mix our yolks
A brunch for Armageddon
Ketchup bleeding heart.
Gay Boy Scouts
Grandmothers in drag
Family dinners together

A future to believe in.
We can make it happen
Very easily sometimes
Poof, celebrate

(This poem was originally recited on January 9, 2015 at Mills Record Company in Kansas City, MO)

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There’s a nightmare In my nightmare

There’s a nightmare
In my nightmare
It says that I am free

Ladies will get wild
It’s beautiful how they roll around

Pieces sticking
And slipping
Between my fingers

We can’t afford ornaments
We need a wider highway
We need a bridge to nowhere
A larger set of crayons
A more satisfying eating room
A clean place to wait
For the doctor
Christmas lights
And free coffee

Sometimes the mistakes are

Perhaps the world is better
Without you.

Side effects
Five dollar large pizzas
Better pants

Love again
It never ends
Longer than weakness
That’s more than trillions