A tasters choice… Saturday January 24, 2015  #SchwervonPoetry

Last night’s show poem.


A tasters choice
Earning every meal 

Dead pidgeon on a dumpster 
Beautiful hotel lights 

That guy probably makes 
More than both of us

Nice try asshole
Just park your fucking truck 

I am confidence builder 
You are insecure  one

Picking fights like picking noses
I want you to succeed 
in spite of me

“Ice picks on your tongue”
Long underwear on your lips

Breathe in the cold 

I know I’m not the man
Who always gets things right

I’m not like Neil Young 
I don’t drive cars real fast 
I dabble in the dark arts

Watching ourselves 
In a fishbowl

It’s painful or peaceful 
Ghost of a cat 
In the corner of my eye

A choice 
A tasters choice 

(This poem was recited for the first time on Saturday January 24, 2015 at Coda in Kansas City, MO)

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