Heart sleeves

Sometimes I roll up my heart sleeves
And get on with it
But more often I let them hang
Freely in the breeze
Or drag them through the dirt
Sometimes I button them at the wrists
Nice and tight then
Puff my self up like a balloon

You don’t have to look at my body
I have covered it for you
But that doesn’t mean
My body does not exist
Take a bite
Communicate freely
Nothing is set in stone forever
The most common dinosaur bone is special

I almost died eating a Subway sandwich
A tooth was causing me pain
I had it removed
The space allowed something to slip through
I was swallowing
And nothing was happening
For a few seconds I was not afraid

Something went down the wrong pipe
Will I have to ask for help
Suddenly my body remembered
To breath out instead of in
I returned with a single cough

It scared the hell out of me
Free of hell for the moment
My heart felt sore
I went back to chewing slowly