Show Poem: Cedar Falls, IA 4/8/16


Welcome to the peep show

I’m gonna use my arm
Gonna use my legs

Gonna take it to the sofa
And hide something
Between the cushions.

Gonna walk a mile
In someone else’s upside down
Horse shoes

These shoes were made for walking
Not for walking by themselves
For finish lines

Circus clowns feed me grapes on a couch

Metallic balls hover over my eyes
They shoot arrows into my brain
Arrows of light
arrows of knowledge

Laser lies easily deflected
With my love glasses.

Marking the miles
One banana at a time

Teaching the road kill to sing
The voice of a generation
A dynasty of duck calls
One pointless snowstorm
To the next

Sun snow showers
and breathalyzers
Seeing God through the pizza clouds

The mushroom stars
And the dirty, dirty cookies

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