Cincinnati, OH 2/16/16 #poetry 

Good morning lazy eye
Good morning burnt tongue
Good morning Xerox copy of a photo
of Charlie Manson
Taped to the wall
Good morning
couch just a little too short
for me to sleep on
Good morning sore thumbs
Good morning living out of bags

Cat shit smell
While I’m meditating
Paper bags and napkins
Plastic knives and fork
Giant high contrast photos of
Golden flakey food 

Big house on the prairie
Finger in a bottle
Bonding over road snacks
And radio propaganda
Straight faced 

Technicians wanted
Ploughing open rows of snow
Day after day
Speckled light through the trees
Distracting me
Just enough for the hunter
To take aim

Oh the work we do to
Congratulate ourselves 

We forget the
Importance of lighting 

More well places lamps in schools

We enjoy a simple moment
Like a tiny death
Little blue flowers
On a mountain.
A green mountain
With goats all around