Show poem… Just more stuff / Sat. Jan. 30/ Lawrence, KS @ The Replay Lounge #Poetry


img_0101Diamond dust in a dogs breath
Panning for gold in the white snow
Of the black hills

It takes a steady hand
To operate with tweezers

Our petrified organs
Will not mind a slip or two
It is the electrified edges
Of each open wound
Plugged into the power grid
For all the world to troll
And comment on

A shock wave before a broken mirror
The worthless worth
A small dish of pennies
At the register

10 lords a leaping
9 ladies dancing
8 hateful eights hating
7 dicks sucking themselves
6 sick Nikki Sixes sexting

5 High Fives

4 calling girls
3 French Fries
2 Donald Trumps
And a greasy pork sandwich
Served in a dirty ashtray

Unwashed glasses
Dogs with bad manners

We keep learning the same things
Over and over.
That’s all.
New stuff old stuff
It’s all old stuff
Just more stuff

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