God is a brownie No God is a brownie… Sun. April. 05 / Riot Room, KCMO #Schwervonpoetry

Sunday’s Schwervon! show poem.


photo by Rachel Sky

Buttered butter
Bacon wrapped bacon
Pizza flavored pizza bites

Guns in every orifice
Roads paved with hamburger buns

Twenty four hour memory foam
Full body zipper suits

Maybe is no
No is boring
Boring is ignoring

Old tv
A pile of wires
By the washing machine

Polka dot ties
Tears in my oatmeal

Repetition is remembering
Repetition is forgetting
Repetition is forgiving
Forever and ever

Always and never
Baked goods rising like
The son of God

Brownies for breakfast
Brownies for lunch
Making love to a brownie
Giving birth to a brownie

God is a brownie
No God is a brownie

(This poem was recited for the first time on Sunday, April 05, 2015 at Riot Room, in Kansas City, MO)

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