Never too ugly to dance with 

Soda can bee stings

Dog farts to the face

Legs not moving beneath the desk

The dangerous animals


Bond through dreams

Always able to be tired

Critical diets reveal sand

Hours and hours of waiting

Never too ugly to dance with

Pick the next shirt

Paradise routines

Making love to the toothbrush

Exceptionally surviving

Creating the day 

For endless spills

Tork Xpressnap

For endless spills

Endless destroys

Odorless prizes

Cling free rewards

The end is when you win

Poets are lazy bastards

And whatever female bastards are

When it comes to love

I don’t choose sides

I’m in love with the neighbors dog

Her name is Mocha

I pet her over the fence

Wipe the crud from her eye

I love her so, so much.

Milk of the apocolypse 

Milk of the apocalypse

In double spaced formatting

Nothing fully realized

Is sold out

Where did you guys park

Religion is sustaining these

Working conditions

Lost intimacy makes it hard

To love feeling bad, freely

Lone wolves make me

Lose a knife at the airport

Dollar glasses

White House Likes

Broadway Mormons

Prime time dude stuffs