Show poem… Better than candy / Friday Dec. 5/ Cedar Falls, IA @ Octopus #Poetry


Cars pass
Time passes

She bites my head
Like an enormous cookie

A crescent head like a moon
In the dark winter sky

Dorm room nightmare memories
Headlights in the rear view mirror

Dancing from refrigerator
To refrigerator

Purple sweaters all over the floor

A place to dance
To wipe our feet

A soft spot to stand
And soak in all of the
Floor stuff

Best friends for
Limited times
No one gets out of here
No one gets out unhappy
No one gets out

Someone saved my life
With some special juice
Or maybe just a
Simple act of kindness

Stop pushing through things
Stop taking it all as a sign

It is a tool to be used
A hammer and a fork

Stop not loving things
So much

Wooden shoes crack

They feed the fire

Zippering the night
We follow the flames
In the sky

We stop

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