Show poem… Merry chew mass / Friday Dec. 11/ Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge #Poetry


photo by Fally Afani

A soft needle to the eye
A flash of discomfort
The branch of a Christmas tree
Forced through a crack
In the wall

Knowledge that changes
Just a small part of it
Grows ever so slowly

Merry Fasciam
Happy Porno Days

Riding the rough patches
Bald spots
Softening the tone

Whistling at kettles
A dead feather in the screen door
Everything is now a chew toy

Chew for love
Chew for cheer
Chew for sex
Chew for Christmas
Chewmas is upon us
Merry chew mass
Dirty chew mass

I had the time of my life
And I owe it all to cookies

Lighting cymbals on fire
And sacrificing to the gods.

The gods of love
Gods of reason
The gods gods
Gods of goddess
Goddess of salad
Goddess of dressing
The whole shebang

Poetry and light
All of it.

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Show poem… Better than candy / Friday Dec. 5/ Cedar Falls, IA @ Octopus #Poetry


Cars pass
Time passes

She bites my head
Like an enormous cookie

A crescent head like a moon
In the dark winter sky

Dorm room nightmare memories
Headlights in the rear view mirror

Dancing from refrigerator
To refrigerator

Purple sweaters all over the floor

A place to dance
To wipe our feet

A soft spot to stand
And soak in all of the
Floor stuff

Best friends for
Limited times
No one gets out of here
No one gets out unhappy
No one gets out

Someone saved my life
With some special juice
Or maybe just a
Simple act of kindness

Stop pushing through things
Stop taking it all as a sign

It is a tool to be used
A hammer and a fork

Stop not loving things
So much

Wooden shoes crack

They feed the fire

Zippering the night
We follow the flames
In the sky

We stop

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Show poem… So you think you can dance/ Friday Dec. 4/ Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews  #Poetry 


 So you think you can dance

Slipping through
By slipping

The ice is our enemy
The ice is our friend

Mothers and daughters
Walking down stairs
Finding their seats
To the love

The end of the slide
The top of the trail
Early darkening days

Who put you there?
Who made it here.

Lifetimes of number crunching
And bible berthing
Sucker punching
Love of words
Distrust of
This joy

Now is your chance
A ghost will greet you
Rolling hug

There is no catch
We all lead different
And they are all
The same

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Show Poem… No one is a frozen wave / Sat. Nov. 7/ Mills Records KC,MO #Poetry 


Untitled photo by Rachel Sky

Woke up not thinking.
What’s in your pussy?
Hands inside.
Fingers like sky scrapers
Poking through the clouds.
Back pocket full of wanting.
Hair creeping out from beneath
Pancake panties
Hot black coffee straps
Burn a path
From the house to the lawn.
You’ll never feel better
Until you admit that there’s anger

The ghost of a cat
Teaches us to individualize
Our restraint protocls
To love ourselves
Trusting the beat.
Hanging out after the show.
We all understand the pain
Behind every note
The dots connect
Where the love is
That is where
We all have our sides
In plain sight.
No one is a frozen wave

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The fire brings us out

Running down a mine shaft
Fire in the hole
Hammering away at the
Rock wall insides

A gift for my children
Could be a curse for thousands
I’ll never know

No rest for the Falcon’s prey
There will always be blue beards
Lurking in the closet
Nerd kings
And forgotten canary heroines

The uncried tears
That fueled so much construction
So many teams
Clawing away the clods of light

So hard to hear
The bat hitting the ball.
The stadium crowd
Cheers from a distance
Sound like a whisper

Leaves fall into action
Reminding us that dead things
Give life where there was none before.
The fire brings us out.

Show Poem… You define human strength / Oct. 17 Witch Bitch / miniBar/ KC, MO #Poetry


Untitled photo by Jason Buice

What a difference
A beautiful lampshade makes
An old feather duster
Drop of oil in a hot pan

A slave to your bodies
Unique tools

The last wishes
Of dying men

You define human strength
A mother of nature
Child to the future

There are riches never dreamed of
Gold in places long forgotten

Hair in the wind
We face it holding hands
Hairy hands holding the wind

The dick bone
of a dead white whale
Stirring the pot

The mead of green vegetables
The red broth stews inside
Like lava underground

From this pot
We will feed many

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Jumping buildings While holding hands 

Cookies in the pantry
Toys in attic
Love is a juggling act

Shaking hands
A coffe cup made of stone
Love is water

The patter of tiny soft feet
All along my should blades
Love is an animal skin.

Sweeping up time with
Enormous flowers
Flying through the air
In matching gold suits

Jumping buildings
While holding hands
Love is a mouth wide open

Feed it
Kiss it
Make it move

Hold hands with love

The frosting on your cheek
The stars in your eyes
The hurricanes and rabbit holes
Love is the map
The weather
Blowing us along
Holding us together today

We follow It to
Whereever it takes us
As long as we meet
Now and then

The sun warms the jelly  In my eyes (MMM show poem 9/20/15)

Wake up and turn over
A new leaf
A pastry filled with fruit
Hair through a comb

The sun warms the jelly
In my eyes

Awake to the taste
Of grass in my mouth

Hunted by goatees
And breakfast cereals
Smiling gun barrels
And warm sugar
My soul is in the trees
The body is a battle

Blinded by the lack
Of white flags

Conveyor belts of baby parts
And bullets
Highly funded hair pieces
Millionaires  hitting home runs

I’m craving another flavor
The spontaneous lick of a puppy
Growing old with someone
That morning light
The love behind
The eyes

Electric boogaloo
Sneeking a peek of you
Laughing out loud
Femanine punk
Man child
A place for
Pieces to collide
And collect

Show Poem…Stop suckling the anger/ Sept. 4 / Josey Records KC, MO #Poetry 


Wake up!
Stop fucking it up.

Fight the addictions
I dentify the cure.

Stop suckling the anger.
Addictions to anger.

Stop suckling fear.
Addictions to fear.

Addictions to hate
It’s not cool
Addictions to pain
Stop sucking the pain
The pain does not make it real
The pain does not make it yours
The pain does not make you you.

The opening bell has rung
The computers are booted

Black box algarithoms of love
Are in the menu
Let the trading begin

Cast out the computations

As sure as your heart pumps blood
There are worlds
For you to live through
Start living
Stop hating

What is it like to see
Through another person’s eyes
To taste the sweetness
Of another’s tears

To stand up
To stand alone

Discover the music
in another voice
With no dirt from
Your own path

Listen for the signs
Look for the messages

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A return to New landscape

The branches are starting to sag
Under the weight of promises
Addicted to the winds
Of Summer 

Slanted telephone poles
On their way out
More signals passing through
Buried underground
A return to
New landscape 

Looking at what we will not know

Barking through fences
The cruel jokes
Kids play in the yard
Sealing their fates
In a blink their mother’s eye

A memory
Over and over it plays
I let it pass through
But I know it will return
Like water in the gut
A temporary home for water

Water drips from leaves
Into the asphalt
And into the grass